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To , or not to ?

To think over the mind and matters that matter the mind is not very mindful matter. However, the matter of mind is such that mind still minds about mind and matters. Mind thinks without the thought to provoke it intentionally. It keeps at the task of pondering over the wonders and gossips of the world. And once this question came up.

How do I see a person.

As a person who minds, I do not have to think too much on how I behave when I am with people I am accustomed to . Like small kids who are free to cry or be happy or be wild in the presence of their best human contact, mostly mother and father bear the brunt. They seem to act more polished and  controlled in the presence of strangers. This, I see as  a sense to be naturally defensive. Keeping the own nature to the near and dear ones, while be secretive or hide the total character from others, who may or may not be well-wishers. Is it for the same reason that the human mind gets stuck at the thought of a public presentation or to speak up at interviews and public forums. May be Yes. There is a time when the mind is experienced enough to pull in socially acceptable standards of putting thoughts into words. This may backfire in case of people who are honest and frank about telling the inconvenient truth.  Do I perceive them differently ?

If it is a public personality, a politician or a popular person. There is a reason to keep a distance at the thoughts promoted by that individual. The influence of this individual may be limited by the sense of overall character perceived by the viewers, followers or fans in case of sports and movie starts. If an actor says about social responsibility rather than films and movie related matters, I do not feel that the person is authentic because of lack of experience shown by that person in social responsibility initiatives.

Say, I heard something about a close friend. How does the mind analyse it. Initially, it is the thought as to should I share what I learned about the person just now ? Is she/he open to hearing the same. Does it benefit either of us in sharing this information/gossip. Is it true ? Should I check if it is true ? Does it matter ? This process very closely uses the Aristotle’s filter of truth.

If the mind decides through the filter that it may be true, but not beneficial in material terms, except that the growing empathetic concern to see my friend in a better light would be  personally satisfying. This holds no material benefits and can be truly classified into the category of gossip.  Because this really does not bring in the positive enthusiasm, nor is it could in bringing about a sense of calm. It is just like some of the Indian roads. You see the cattle shit, sometime you do not. You step on it. Some people may feel it funny, some feel it may be funnier when you step, slip and fall. Nevertheless, for the self, it is the back-pain and the resulting dirty footwear that matter. And like Mark Twain said about age.

“Age is a matter of mind. If you do not mind, it doesn’t matter”

Can be applied to anything and feel free to fill the blank.

“_____ is a matter of mind. If you do not mind, it doesn’t matter”

To judge whatever comes to me, to analyze and to categorize as good bad, beneficial , not beneficial, instigating action or not, is for the mind to decide. That is where it really matters.Because at the end of the story, if there is no lessons learned, there is no point.  And it goes to resemble the Socrates’ question and let me ask the self  when something comes to me. Is it for me to take action, scrutinize, propagate, promulgate or pejorate. The next step “to, or not to____?” remains with me.

And Buddha’s story helps here. A person came to Buddha and shouted huge profanity at him. Buddha remained silent. After some time the person left the place. And one of the disciples asked Buddha. ” That person, was outrageous and too heated up. Why did you remain silent all this time ?”

And then Buddha replied ” If someone comes to you with a gift and you do not take. What happens to the gift ?”







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Incomplete, me!

Once, I went to an office to sign up for my paperwork due for an employment. Being in USA, I like the way they present the tax forms upfront, so we know that we are part of something bigger and tax is being paid directly, there is nothing illegal about the job offer, etc.  This happiness is short-lived by the amount of confusion innate in any Government forms. And after multiple questions, filling up portion of the forms and going back and forth, I made a friend out of the front desk clerk. Then comes the part which asks for my status in the country. I say without any expression, but surety to know the answer “I am an alien”. That lady held my hand in a semi-sympathizing manner. I was startled, for a moment, because I never expected such a reaction. The movie “Independence Day” (US American English movie) came to mind. I did not dwell myself too much into the implications of the movie, in this context, for I have a job at hand. A job to complete. As I continued, more spaces stood out blank “says aliens to read instructions”, I read out. This time the lady had come to terms with my kind of reading. So, we were back to the content, directly.

Sometimes, in life, when confused, I feel that I live to fill up the blanks in the forms presented at various stages of my life. Except for the space for family, parents, I used to wonder all the humongous amount of information that we had to put into paper to get various benefits from the Government, or even in the case of employment. This continues into online applications, tax filing and almost every place I end up being me. And then this funny incident happened.

In my last visit to the health services I was told there was nothing to do, except the chores. The freedom of the country, I am in, gives the practitioner a complete picture of my previous medical cases. Only, whatever I chose to reveal in the beginning, of course. This is a routine in USA, where you are asked the history of your health, about your parent’s health, so the complete case history is at the fingertips of the doc. This time I only had to verbally fill the form that they had in their system. It is mandatory for them to remind me of all the background I had. Especially allergy and surgery. I have been asked in India, my home country, too, about allergy to medicines. This may be standard across the board. However, surgery was something new. So, I am told ” You had no major surgeries except removal of wisdom tooth”. I ask back, curious to know if it is really that important ” Is it a real surgery?”. Doc replies ” Yes! because they gave you anaesthesia, opened your body and a part of your body is removed “.  I retorted “I am incomplete!”. She in a surprise said “I have never heard someone say like that”.

That realization that I had left something of my body back from where I came from, I had lost it to the modern medicine. A part of my body is removed, therefore I am incomplete. Nevertheless, it helps fill the form, where there is space to fill up with any surgeries I had.  Cynically, I had lost something to gain something. And the insight struck that I do not have to be confused enough to do something to fill up some random blank space in some equally arbitrary event in this life.


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Fuel of life : ATP – A Targeted Plan

If you want to achieve something. Plan.

This is THE MOST important and first step to achieve your goals.

It is mentioned in all possible self help books that you can find.

Listing some

Think and grow Rich

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

Jumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
Even “root” once said about PhD advisor’s motto

Decide what you want. Go get it


And Les Brown says that too.

Ambition is the most desired character in any field. That is in one way a natural trait of humans. “Ambitions unlimited” seem to be the genetic motto of humans. But by some circumstances people tend to be mediocre. Ambition boosts once self confidence. The end result of ambition, called “Success” is what people envy about. Never once have I heard people say that I envy someone’s ambition. The mediocre guy pretends ignorance to ambitions or act like a jealous Indian, forgetting conveniently that there is no limit to excel.  They overreact when someone says Plans can fail. They do not see that at the end of a failure there is success.  Thus, in a sequence not planning lead to non-failure, planning is often never done due to fear of failure. Even if texts which are centuries old, Bhagavad Gita, and later literature urge one that fear of failure should not be a deterrent to success.

Knowing this the very next best step to do is to decide. Though indecision, is also a decision. (Remembering Narasimha Rao‘s famous ” inaction is also action”). Some spritual schools may definitely believe in indecision as decision. Also, decision can be reached by this sort of elimination method.

Let us think what a decision can do.

We know that ambitious people have a plan, a focus , a decision. This decision leads to A Targeted Plan = ATP . Like the ATP molecules which are the energy units of the human body cells. A Targeted Plan can change the way of life. As the Inventor Charles Kettering said ” A Problem well stated in a problem half solved” . The decision leads to well stated target. This target leads to single-minded focus. Which helps us to stay organized around this central idea or theme. Focus is essential , as in cameras, to get the clear picture. The decision to follow the target plan, with persistence of effort naturally lead to the desired success. Some people are brilliant at multi-tasking, some are brilliant in coming to a decision fast, some are slow, some are great at choosing the right decision, some are excellent in analyzing the available choices to arrive at the decision. All the further activities are determined by the decided mind.

Ambitious people know their weakness. And work towards bettering it. Decision lets you prioritize and rearrange the tasks at hand. Decisions by ambitious keeps them moving.

Like the great Taxi driver who told about his son’s life.

“A motor without load will burn”

His son, he said, started like him, as a driver. He took bike on loan, paid it off, got a car on loan, paid the loan through his rides; took house on loan and paid it off by hard work. Because of this all banks are happy to lend him money. Because they know he has proven record of repayment on time. He said whatever his son has made is through his own hardwork and persistence, without anybody’s help. The load that he took upon himself , the ambition, made him a successful person that his father is proud of. Without that load of ambition the talents as a human would have burned and become useless.

The ambition of  person can be limitless. In fact, ambition should drive one towards a positive life, made possible by decisions and actions. No wonder truly ambitious people stay focused and achieve what they want.

Ten years back, when I wrote the Kerala Engineering , Agricultural and Medical Entrance Exam, I scored mediocre marks. A family friend asked me why you are not on the top. As was my track record in his perception. I said I was not decided on what I wanted. It reflects directly on the results. This is a fact. This is an experience. At the same time, I have achieved stuff on which I was ambitious, decided what I wanted and stood focused. Come what may, that ends up in success. The good thing about being ambition is same as that of education.

More education paves way for more venues to learn. As ambitions leads to success, that success paves way for more success. It is all a matter of persistence. And all we need is to keep the fuel of life or ATP well stocked in our tanks.


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Think and Grow Rich, Review

Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good book for people seeking self help. To think, to grow, to be rich. As Napolean says richness in it s broader sense, not necessarily money. This single interpretation opens up things to discuss that could be classified as chapters and numbered to give the count on reasons, opinions and suggestions on life and richness.
Personally, I feel the motivation to read the book was high in the first few pages , about 80 and then declined rapidly as the author goes into thought process, sixth sense and the fabled opinions of the society back home in India. It is as if he just discovered the same back in the days of USA’s depression. In this the patriotic fervour is great, which other nations should probably learn from. Patriotism in a self help book!

Writing is generally old boring style, while the content keeps the reader engaged. There are some quotes from Emerson et al, which are in regular use in USA daily. Also, this book was written, probably with a thought, to have it as a reference, for future books, which invariably referred and quoted from this book as the first book to go into the reasoning of richness and ways to be there. This may also be motivated by the factor of the reduced use, or popularity, of religion and the schemes of spiritualism to attain the same richness in this part of the world. Does this give license to people to use the same principles and get away with a best seller? Of course, the principles are for everyone to use. I could say this much with Hindu cultural background.

Among many things there are 3 notable collections:-

10 Major causes of failure in leadership

30 major causes of failure which holds you back

Self analysis questionnaire for personal inventory

Chapter 11 onwards is crazy, not for the mild hearted, that concludes with St.A Lincoln’s miracular appearance urging the author to write!

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Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 7: Start slowly grasp quickly

The v.v. age old saying goes an umpteenth time to say ” Slow and Steady wins the race” . This is because it is true. But the beauty of the truth lies in experiencing it in action. As with violin or any musical instrument, the beginning is really very slow. It is expected to be and it will be. Sometimes, it turns frustrating and sometimes it melancholic; because slow music is mostly applicable to monotonous and sad moments in audio-visual industry. Once you hear the melody and the density of musical oscillations that a really slow and patient player would bring to one’s ear the best of devotional and classical , esp. hindustani classical music, which may make one feel that the music is depressing than soporific, sad rather than boring. While the musician knows in its true essence what the music brings with its slowness, a meditative stance , crystallizing the tranquility of the mind and making everything around you at standstill. This is an art that occurs in a peaceful flow of music, just like Messi plays with the football, a movement that is so painless and untiring, for the player , for the musician but may not be for the unaccustomed ear. But it is true that the baby steps that we took as an emerging human being were much much smaller than what a grown up adult does. It goes in the same way for music and in life.

An age old Sanskrit saying goes like this

||जलबिन्दुनिपातेन क्रमश: पूर्यते घट:

रीतिरेषा हि विद्यानां धनस्य च धर्मस्य च ||


“As the pot fills with tiny droplets of water

So does education (vidya) , money and virtues(dharma)”

The slow rate with which these accumulate sometime tests one’s patience. That is yet another learning curve. This acts as a self test and helps to ratify one’s decisions and path of growth. As in music , esp. and instrument like violin, the beginner would be playing the same song again and again, till it becomes a good stepping stone for further playing. And a true newbie would be playing just the open strings till the world’s end for weeks. And this basis is so important that my violin teacher would tell me to practice just open string everyday, even though I am aiming for the Grade 5 of Trinity.  Also for the tone to be perfect the singing practice just focused on sustaining the few notes esp. the open string notes, at the correct note. This was tough. But with practice it grows patience. With patience and longer bowing time, very very slow playing, enable playing two bars of slurred notes at a stretch that together would constitute  a fast folk song’s critical portion. This helps in quick grasping of the key notes. Since the mind is free from the more time consuming – fingering of notes and bowing the right way.

In the end, the slow practice pays off whereby the focus is on maintaining the rhythm or momentum and reducing the fidgeting with fingers on the bow and forget about the trialing notes.Life becomes easy so fast. But it takes time. I have seen this happen when you practice driving bike slowly in city traffic. The traffic around you is on any day capable of making you crazy and angry. The technique of being slow, helps one take swift turns and right decisions at right moments that you see , in fact you are in fact going ahead of the vehicles which were parking their money behind speed than tactics on city roads.

I have also experience this in my academics where the professor would go very slowly over the basic of math, physics even analog IC layout at the very start and later put  a sharp climb on the learning path, whose slope is just enough so that the momentum generated by the slow learning is able to grasp what is coming on and adjust and push us through the end goal of the posed steep learning.

This is one important lesson that I found applicable in widely different areas of study be it music, math, engineering or internet. Therefore this post.

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  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 7: Start slowly grasp quickly - The v.v. age old saying goes an umpteenth time to say ” Slow and Steady wins the race” . This is because it is true. But the beauty of the truth lies in experiencing it in action. As with violin or any musical instrument, the beginning is really very slow. It is expected to be […]



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The race of life

Trained to forget, what to regret ?

Things that come bye-pass the core.

Think you can take down ?

Maybe just swallow and frown ,

Let that be the named by-heart.

When there is no heart,

There is no breaking – heart,

Let that be all for all for some time.

When digits let you down all call you “a clown”,

You ponder over the phrase by heart all alone,

Memory that is volatile subtle and supreme,

Why do you ruin the all baked up frame ?

Is that the call sent ! The one you wanted,

Where’s the war which was lost all years ?

Come on, let’s do it just once,

Again all over into the cycle of race; full bloated.


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The megamind of the madman

Quoting Megamind the movie.

Megamind talked to the plastic dipping bird that dips the beak to take water from a beaker straightens up and then swings back again to dip.

He said:
“I know, I know,
Always thirsty, never satisfied.
Purposeless, emptiness, it’s a vacuum isn’t it.
What’s your vacuum like?”

Naranath Bhranthan, the madman of Naranath, demonstrated the same. The mythological  character who by his stories of existence unveiled the “vacuum” to fellow beings.There are three famous stories of Naranath Bhranthan that I oft remember and quote whenever I get a chance.
1. The origin of his name

2. On Greediness of wealth

3. The unwanted wish

What question of existence can be talked to a toy bird? What about the emptiness of this particular action itself, exemplifying and being self-explanatory at the same time.

Is there a limit on the thoughts that can be conjured up on the same set of ‘vacuum’? Why is the mind so simple as to cry on emotional pain yet revolutionize the world through words?

The vacuum of the mind and the deeds are not explicable in some senses. Some experience situations of continuous communication to be the way to escape the vacuum of thought. Given no time to think by this incessant chatter there is no way to feel the vacuum unless you look out for it. It simply vanishes with banal vagaries of the daily needs and deeds. The resurrection of which happens at a slightly silent, calm and meditated state. A state of such confusion, though confusion is good, acts like a domino effect on the thought of vacuum. The emptiness of the vacuum and the vacuum of the emptiness create the more of more or less the both. The purposeless feeling weighs on the lightness at the heart. All these odd and bold feelings questioning the existence without words, arguments or languages, prod the brain to coercing itself for an answer of the inexplicable. Clearly this is a recursion and a way out is only for the blind.

And for the blind the megamind of the madman has already made it vivid without the intricacies of the incomprehensible.

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Synchronising the universe of technology, The Univercell Sync experience

Work and life has minimised, to having storage in cloud and processing power in hand, that is, a smart phone.  When such powers are bestowed upon oneself ain’t one inclined to muse more deeply into what kind of prowess to behold. Thence began the sojourn to Univercell Sync store. Univercell Sync  logo from Phoenix site It was a pleasant day to start with a cool climate which was gradually moving to hot, typical Chennai. I had these thoughts of what my role is as I go to the Univercell Sync shop. I could be a regular blogger, a curious window shopper, a mobile critic, a customer. I had my options open as I was also considering making a purchase.

One month back I was in search of a mobile. My criterion were very simple. I needed a good music player, since I’m a student of music, also a decent web handler for the occasional ticket booking, social networking and a camera not less than 5 MP with a flash. I was on three-five online stores almost all days. And every week I was seeing a new release of mobile. Most confusing were the decisions in the budget of 5000 INR. For Karbonn, Celkon, Intex, Nokia all had good suggestions for me online . I was in search. Google could not help since there were so many parameters to be checked and compared across various sites. The gsmarena site was good for end comparison between two phones and the reviews. Flipkart was most confusing with mixed reviews and thousands of buyers in each phone category. Life was not simpler thanks to Amazon, snapdeal, ebay, homeshop18, cromaretail and exclusive launches that I had to check on. Some sites like Junglee and smartprice gave some bearing though very vague.

I could not depend on my friends as all had different company mobiles and each liking their own. They could cite the good and bad of their own phones but could not zero in on what is best for me. Some great engineering friends could tell me how the dual core and quad core handles a multitasking scenario, switching and interrupts. The greatness of Qualcomm Snapdragon vs the omnipresence of Mediatek. The need for a higher Ah( Ampere-hour) rated battery for a 4.7 inch screen if I wanted to go without charger for one and a half day. It was too confusing. The fun of dilemma was increased more when I played the game on MI site to create my own phone. They give a set of components , each having its own price tag. The total budget set at 8000 INR. The best design will be scored on the basis of entertainment, multitasking, battery life and so on. The exercise gave me an idea on how much a phone costs as per its prime components, viz. RAM, processor, camera, number of SIM slots etc. But some companies like Sony put more into your phone . There were things/jargon/terms like ClearAudio+ technology. Sony smartphones go into schematic details of how their phones reproduce best quality music. In search of mobile phones my knowledge may have increased but I still use the Nokia 100 for I am not able to pick a smartphone for myself. And the knowledge gained from words of letter do not let me suggest a phone to someone with confidence. What is the solution? I needed to have some hands on experience. I had experienced laptops and tabs at Croma store but not phones. One that was in Mobilestore where dummy pieces and dead weights. How can I see what is there for me. For instance I saw many go behind the hp slate 7 a low priced tab for its function, some say that the price was reduced due to glitches and quality issues. On one day, one reviewer gives all thumbs up to it , on another day , some just smash that image to pieces by scribbling how their piece of technology is so useless and crappy!

As I searched for phones I also had to search for service centers nearby. I remember taking a Nokia “supernova” phone 150 km away to service centre and then go back home and come another day when the phone was ready. And the service was not great since the phone started on its symptoms again after a few months. The access to service centre and the quality of the service also mattered. I had all this in mind as I entered Univercell Sync showroom at Sterling road, Nungambakkam.

The showroom had a neat and fresh look, as if it was not a regular mobile shop. Greeting smiles welcomed me inside. I had a walk around. There was a space which captured my attention, the music section. The showroom assistant gladly helped with his explanation of different sections. He explained the music section very nicely, and allowed me to check the difference between beats audio headsets in-the-ear and over-the-ear (which costs 15k). I was surprised!, who will let you check such an expensive item before purchase ? Thrilled by just the sound of it I went on to explore more. The music section had phones and headsets which you could test with any permutations and combinations and then decide which is best. The phones were all live and you could see all the functionalities of it. The showroom assistants are helpful and would guide to choose the desired aspects. Mr. Abhimanyu explained the  concept of Univercell Sync, why it is relevant now and why it is a requirement of mobile industry.With a little bit of background history on market for mobiles and current scenario, the plethora of designs, and functionality makes one’s mind wobble. The number of phones, the number of apps and accessories all are intended to make your life simple. The idea is to get the best out of technology for one’s life and hence the Univercell Sync shop. The specialty of the shop is that the phones and tablets are all live. The phones are all categorized into following sections.

  • Imaging section
    1. With a studio setup and photo printer to check the camera quality
  • Music section
    1. With headsets that one can check for quality before purchase
    2. With other accessories such as Bluetooth speakers and sound shooters
  • Work and play
    1. Where the phones full performance and capabilities could be checked. In fact, there was TV on the wall which displayed content from a smartphone.
  • Top selling desk
    1. Updated once a month with top-selling products
  • Bazaar section
    1. The section is for phones which are jack of all trades but master of none. This is best budget smart-phones section, displayed very neatly and in accessible manner.
  • Children’s section
    1. There were tabs on display which the kids could spend time with. This relieved a customer to focus on the job at hand viz. looking for a phone. This is a very thoughtful of Univercell, nobody could check the full features of phones with a more delicate issue at hand viz. children.

Each section had a questionnaire relevant to that section that the user can cross check. The showroom assistant could guide with the parameters of the phone and give options as to which phone is the best for the customer.

The WOW (Walk out Working) factor The value addition comes when someone can tell how to choose your phone apps and install it before you leave the shop with the bill. My sister had a phone from ebay which costed 12k INR. I had a basic phone with Bluetooth and I wanted to transfer a song and see the sound quality of the supposedly smart-phone. But the android did not have  a Bluetooth transfer option. Being new to android at that time I was shocked that somebody sold a phone at that price without Bluetooth. That was cheating ! I searched on net and later concluded that the phone was android phone and a Bluetooth app had to be installed. Relieved and reassured I went on to check the same. If someone could provide all this basic features and apps in the phone with the bill then it is really nice. The Univercell Sync provides WOW ( Walk out Working ). All the apps that are required will be installed before we leave the shop. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to search and install. Also, lets us save time for what we do the best.

Univercell provides the best phone that meets our desires. There are almost as many brands and phones as people’s wish. It is for the buyer to choose the best among the lot. We are in  a world where our dream phone is really in the market, though obscured by choices and numbers.  We may be constrained by budget, also willing to take whatever discount available on the internet. The Univercell makes this simple by EMI options and help the customer buy the best phone that suits them in an easy way.

The Univercell shop becomes a single point of reference for all your mobile issues if it comes up. There is no need to send your mobile purchased online to unknown places and wait. Univercell provides a warranty service in which there is door pick-up and delivery. I personally am very afraid to handle the phone a friend recently bought. What happens if it slips, falls and breaks, everyone will be disappointed. But, Univercell provides total care package where within the period of care there is replacement guaranteed for screen and parts. Now, with that I need not be afraid to let my friend check my new phone. Univercell Sync was a pleasant experience, it brings the human touch to digital world of purchase. The personal touch with which customer and purchase is valued is evident from the schemes of total care and pick-me service. When there is an expert to guide, we can reach our maximum potential. Here, the Univercell really shrinks, simplifies and synchronises all the needs of customer through Univercell Sync experience.

PS: This entry was written for indiblogger Univercell Sync Contest.  This was published on 1/9/2014. Received the prize for valid entry : Philips soundshooter SBA3010BLU/00 on 30/10/2014.


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Time for a stand alone VLC player hardware a.k.a music player

I am Surprised by people selling music player that does not give  complete brawn equivalent of VLC media player. I was in search of a device that plays the “Glenn Gould meets Yehudi Menuhin” that I have in flac. I have been listening to it provided I had a computer and VLC player on it. 


Music players in market  viz sony, apple brands all cost  between 2k to infinity in INR. I knew due to wikipedia that the android version 4.0 + had flac support. Trying to be curious my friends questioned the wikipedia practically. The hardware for test was powered by Android v 2.6.3 on lenovo phone with VLC media player (Beta) installed for android. True to the words of wikipedia the android said that the flac file just transferred was unsupported file type.  Now this android met flac file and disappointed the user.My friend got the VLC player up and running and found the same “Glenn Gould meet Yehudi Menuhin“.  However, the VLC player met the geniuses and brought them to years. Link to VLC on android feedback here.

Further thought remain that there could be a stand alone music player that takes the hardware and whatever signal processing algorithms are required for digital sound reproduction . With VLC media player on such a machine could be very handy with no confusion on the types of music files playable and so on.


When will such a machine come ?  Are the music companies listening ? Is it economic and marketable?  These and other practical questions, apart from personal satiation of the thought, remain.

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Definition of God, exploring some plausible answers

I was asked by a fellow about my perception of god, about god, on god.

My first preference on this note would be this previous post.


I was conservative on answering his query on my perception on god. But in sum total the term “God” could be summarised into the following:-


1) The Uncertain

2) Luck

3) The Inexplicable

4) The Unknown


Let me elaborate on this further.

1) The Uncertain

There are many happenings, situations, which are not working as per our plan.  This has close ties with non-existentialism. Whereby the human is not able to predict certain events due to the uncertainty and the complexity involved. Basically , when things are not in our hand, we prefer to refer it to the God.


2) Luck

Suppose there are many applicants which equal qualifications, only few posts are available to be filled. Only those who are lucky get selected. This assumes that all are equal in all other aspects. Mostly, by way of common-sense and certificates people get selected. Communication may play a role. There is lot of uncertainty involved and people who get what they wish only depend on luck. This is especially true for an Indian scenario. We have a lot of people around, some may be helpful, some may not be. This “May” is the uncertainty. And what happens in a positive manner is the luck. And what is negative result affiliated to ? That would come under the Inexplicable.

3) The Inexplicable

As humans, we are prone to diseases, despair, anger and very many negative emotions. Sometimes, theses negativeness help us appreciate the beauty of the positives around. For instance, if you listen to a rapper and then switch to classical music by Yesudas, you feel the difference, you will appreciate the divinity of his music more.

Sometimes, we get into deep emotional, mental or physical trouble. We ourselves cannot judge what went wrong, and solutions may be far away and veiled. What could one do in such a situation. It is definitely not by choice that we wish bad things to happen to us. We all wish a have a positive and normal, calm and peaceful life. But there is this inexplicable that simply adds spice to life. This is the Inexplicable, which is also unpredictable. We cannot make  out why this happened, at a particular time. And as with most accidents we are relieved once the bad phase passes over. We would be happy that a car had hit the leg instead of rolling over the torso. Life is such that this has to be accepted.

When something inexplicable happens, most people refer themselves to the divine prowess, some magnificent intervention. God then gives us courage and confidence to move on.

4) The Unknown

“Science” means to know. It is the knowledge of humans with reference to what is there. What is there is the unknown, and slowly science is uncovering the facts and rules of the nature. Here, nature is the unknown. From the minutest bacterium to planets and cosmos, From everything inside to everything outside, all are open to human discovery and understanding. Only if we had the eyes. Thus as science progress we feel that there are more explanations and theories available to prove one or the other. But the unknown persists. We say, everything is made of atoms, atoms being the indestructible building blocks. But why atom? who created atom? What is the purpose of all this?. With a continuous single question of why to all the answers to any question we end up talking about the unknown. Hence the unknown is the God. The Unknown is the manifestation of God, or a part of God. It could be a creation, a building block or destructive remnant. It could be anything and this unknown which also inexplicable, I call this as God. People refer to it as God.


These may be the vague categories that alphabets and vocabulary, language and usage provide me with putting down the complexities of what is God. But beyond this what is mentioned is less that what is really existing. What is existing is yet to be comprehended.


In God

On Rebirth

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