• Disintegrating Divisions - I came to read Destiny Disrupted through a work colleague. This expands on the topic of Islam as a religion that enhanced political connection throughout the so-called “Muslim world”. Laws in Islam as a religious doctrine helped build the political structure to the blank slate of monarchy and apparent anarchy of political battles and killings. […]
  • The Glue said: “Put your life together” - Another day, another mission. The spirit of adventure never cease. The excitement and wonderment, wanderlust catching dust. In time, finding time, to time, for time. I sat glued to the chair to solder a disobedient wire onto the printed circuit board, that it was phobic about. It reminds me of the legend of Kodungalloor Bhagavathy […]
  • Blizzard - Nature is by far the best cure for passing time. Problem in passing time is a common boredom oriented disease. I have met extrovert complain about boredom. Even Issac Asimov said this. I do not have to believe it. It is belief that add weight to visions. It is this belief that converts the unreal […]
  • Wake Up - Work life habits are like rock. I would wake up at 5.30 am. Listen to the soothing sound from my phone. The wake up call with a Native American touch to it, resembling the flute of Carlos Nakai. In the background the birds chirp and the wake up call for a hunter, ready to pick […]
  • Vanishing point - An average timeline of  a human can be drawn starting from birth to school, progressing to university and job and marriage and help repeat all the same for the kids. This canned solutions in life is a proven time tested sequence. The authority of which is questioned only by a few. So far, the biggest […]
  • Blinked - Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell My rating: 3 of 5 stars View all my reviews I picked this up a second time. Thanks to Buffalo-Erie Public Library System for providing this free facility. Blink takes the reader through some case studies and associated case studies on snap-judgements and its base […]
  • Reading Napolean Hill’s – Keys to Success - Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement by Napoleon Hill My rating: 4 of 5 stars View all my reviews   Having read Think and Grow Rich and quiet impressed by it, this was a natural choice to pick up from my wishlist. Napolean Hill does an amazing job in formulating […]
  • Sense of Time - I would wake up everyday. Just like any other day. This was yet another day. Exciting as usual. A running clock adds to the excitement of awaiting adventure. And I start upon a new one. This time it is about time. And it is time. Time changes and now it was forcibly changed. The circadian […]
  • Book Review : Algorithms to live by - This book came up in the circles of job search and discussions of things that don’t matter. It would have been a fallacy if the title said stood by what it said. Algorithms are thought processes and having behavioral philosophies of itself, that mathematicians may appreciate better. However, math being a yesteryear wonder-keyword and a […]
  • To , or not to ? - To think over the mind and matters that matter the mind is not very mindful matter. However, the matter of mind is such that mind still minds about mind and matters. Mind thinks without the thought to provoke it intentionally. It keeps at the task of pondering over the wonders and gossips of the world. […]
  • Incomplete, me! - Once, I went to an office to sign up for my paperwork due for an employment. Being in USA, I like the way they present the tax forms upfront, so we know that we are part of something bigger and tax is being paid directly, there is nothing illegal about the job offer, etc.  This […]
  • Fuel of life : ATP – A Targeted Plan - If you want to achieve something. Plan. This is THE MOST important and first step to achieve your goals. It is mentioned in all possible self help books that you can find. Listing some Think and grow Rich The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny Jumpstart […]
  • Think and Grow Rich, Review - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill My rating: 4 of 5 stars A good book for people seeking self help. To think, to grow, to be rich. As Napolean says richness in it s broader sense, not necessarily money. This single interpretation opens up things to discuss that could be classified as chapters and […]
  • Elephant’s journey with Jose Saramago - The Elephant’s Journey by José Saramago My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is a miracle. Like a miracle described in the book. A must read for animal fans, humor lovers and tragedy lovers. The author says about the inspiration for the story in the end, which is surprising. I would never expect and […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 7: Start slowly grasp quickly - The v.v. age old saying goes an umpteenth time to say ” Slow and Steady wins the race” . This is because it is true. But the beauty of the truth lies in experiencing it in action. As with violin or any musical instrument, the beginning is really very slow. It is expected to be […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 6: Health conscious practicing - If there is one thing in life,that is more dearer than the life itself, it is health. Life without good health is a misery. And life is maintained through good health. Longevity of life, if one wishes it, is not very pleasant without an accompanying good health. A good marriage between health and life makes […]
  • The race of life - Trained to forget, what to regret ? Things that come bye-pass the core. Think you can take down ? Maybe just swallow and frown , Let that be the named by-heart. When there is no heart, There is no breaking – heart, Let that be all for all for some time. When digits let you […]
  • Shamitabh is thicker than water - I wandered through the streets of Delhi, unmindful of the pollution or the traffic. I roamed in that freezing winter. Then I reach my room only to see the Shamitabh trailer a hundredth time. Dhanush, Amitabh, Shamitabh and repeat! Devuda! why! even the newspaper is full of Shamitabh. As his name says “amit” (over and […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 5 : Practice till perfection - Practice, practice, practice. Quantity and Quality all matters. Playing any musical instrument is all about practice. It is all the more true for the violin. As a student I have to practice. I know I can. I know I will. But how much ? Till my hands ache ? Till I feel it is enough […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 4 : Don’t tap your foot out loud. Focus on what you play. - In violin class I have been taught to keep the rhythm of the song by tapping with the foot. The human metronome works parallel to the song being played. Often we  have to shift attention from the song and listen to see if the rhythm and beat is correct per bar. This shift in attention […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 3 : Emphasize on Quality of Practice - I read “ Debunking the 10,000 hours rule “  after my previous lesson learned. My previous lesson learned said about not working hard. The working hard part is broken into small steps taken one at a time to overcome the hardness of the work. This works for people who are ready to be steady and […]
  • The megamind of the madman - Quoting Megamind the movie. Megamind talked to the plastic dipping bird that dips the beak to take water from a beaker straightens up and then swings back again to dip. He said: “I know, I know, Always thirsty, never satisfied. Purposeless, emptiness, it’s a vacuum isn’t it. What’s your vacuum like?” Naranath Bhranthan, the madman […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 2 : Don’t work hard - The power of doing work is a single most important criteria that distinguishes a human as a social animal compared to others. The collective and individual efforts towards a work makes one understand the minute and the big picture at the same time. All work is not easy. It is also possible that some workaholics […]
  • | Jab jago tab savera | Wake up to make the morning. - A new year comes up. The numbers change. The accounting changes. The responsibility increases. The age increases. The mind gets cluttered more. The more, the better. In this wake of the new year. Some resolutely resolve to come up with a resolution. The need for it comes in search for a purpose, aim, and course […]
  • A bit of mind - I need a bit of sky so mead; a view that my eyes pleade, to have when it is possible, to look at and feel so small, that makes me to do what all ! The infinite world before me, through this bit so glee and  warm, make me do what is good for me, […]
  • Vishu in Kochi, December, January 2014 - This time of the season is supposed to be dry , windy, cold and just like any other, homely, in Kerala. I  happened to visit Kochi this December 2014. The time is ripe for celebration of Christmas, New Year and what not. I had high hopes to get atleast two cakes. Cakes that people eat, […]
  • Big Failures - This post is a reminder for me about people and ideas who/which have failed and made big failures. Nevertheless, there are many parts of their lives which are very positive. Which does not make into the scope of this post. Live People People who lived M.K. Gandhi Motive 1: “Partition India over my dead body”.  […]
  • Life Lessons from violin class : Lesson 1 : Do not think ! - After learning some basic notes on the staves I was told to know it by heart. I had to memorize it, and then tell when I see a note. I used to count, say memorizing only the first not in space , the “F” on Treble clef. From there on I would count and then […]
  • Synchronising the universe of technology, The Univercell Sync experience - The Univercell Sync showroom experience
  • Time for a stand alone VLC player hardware a.k.a music player - I am Surprised by people selling music player that does not give  complete brawn equivalent of VLC media player. I was in search of a device that plays the “Glenn Gould meets Yehudi Menuhin” that I have in flac. I have been listening to it provided I had a computer and VLC player on it.    […]
  • Definition of God, exploring some plausible answers - I was asked by a fellow about my perception of god, about god, on god. My first preference on this note would be this previous post.   I was conservative on answering his query on my perception on god. But in sum total the term “God” could be summarised into the following:-   1) The […]
  • Smart Homes , Oh ! Really ? - A buzz word in its on right smart homes find a standing on its own. Moreover, a learned man would use the terms, systems engineering, Cyber-physical systems, Mathematical modelling, Stochastic determination and multivariate analysis and probability theories to go hand in hand on the design of smart home. All of these would throw a normal/ […]
  • Stochastic determination and judgmental analysis - "First of all, let me wish you all a happy autism day!." Ravan said and then moved on to his rhetoric. I was shocked and surprised. How could one wish someone a happy autism, if it continues like this, it would be happy cancer day, happy AIDS day and so on. I could not stand […]
  • the loss of a child w.r.t the parent: excerpts from Ramayana - As we were waiting for something, we had this discussion on brutal murder of a techie. It was news of the week, all office gossips would turn to this topic at one point or other. The discussions pushed all the boundaries of thought. More often it landed on how irresponsible the youth, employed youth are. […]
  • Glorification of a human - The glorification of a city by the king, the exaltation of the idol by devotee and the beautification of ourselves with cosmetics are common trends of life. A gypsy would want long beard. A beggar would want good wear and tear on the dress. The make-up turns iconic with followers of ostensible megalomaniacs craving for […]
  • Climate consciences and thoughts - Green and sustainable technolgies are the mainstream topics now. The most commonly used words in this genre are smart buildings, smart systems, energy efficient systems, green computing, reducing carbon footprint. Cutting down trees for paper have been proven as a myth. Most good paper companies have there own special trees grown in special places. They […]
  • When it comes to discussing new. - Anything new is in relation to the old. I believe something is old by the time it is called new. For example, I was thinking about languages of the world. Someone was so much interested in saying that Tamil came first and then came Telugu and Malayalam. Maybe! Sanskrit came even before. I read this […]
  • Ecological Conservation Vs Urban Development Where are we headed? - Recently there were some mild up-heavels from the developing economies saying that they cannot be deprived of the economic growth that the so called developed economies have already achieved. This development was made possible by ecological destruction , rapid industrialisation and massive urbanisation. Urbanisation is only part of the parcel of growth envisioned by the […]
  • Plans can fail , You cannot - (image taken from I was surprised by this new phrase made by my friend Siva “Plans can fail but you cannot” He said this with no great visible thought process, but how thoughtful this is. This was a revealing moment when I was feeling that my plans always fail. But its not about the […]
  • Happy rain, travel woes and the useless buffalo - People should be taken out of the road. The road is for those who pay road tax and apparently obey traffic rules. The traffic policemen, the security at the gate of office all give due respect to the motorists. Salutes are crisp and clear for those who travel by car. Anyone with an SUV or […]
  • Bhaarath’s trip to Mars - Too much has been told and about space exploration. HG Wells time machine and various other time travel mythologies are a good read, but in reality what is the purpose it serves? Somebody was asking why are you in so and so situation what is the benefit of this? I asked back :- What is […]
  • Sarvam ghalvidam brahmam nanyasti sanatanam (Everything in here is part of the eternal , there is no truth other than this) - With the limited objectives of a common man I roamed the city. To bring something that cost me nothing, a timepass I roamed and sweated , met new people. Heard people talk, people listening. Saw people eat, and heard people shout. Heard the silent frustrations and the sarcasms At the end of the day I […]
  • The corruption department is run by the people - The enthusiastic media coverage has helped us to see some politicians bitten and scarred by the people’s questions. It is highly likely that the india against corruption movement has been a platform for upcoming leaders. However, there is a mystery how the crowd remains calm, and not a single bad incident of  sabotage were reported. […]
  • Thoughts invoked by George Orwell’s “1984” - The drama of the world. How timely it is that I could read the “1984” written by George Orwell. I didn’t expect this from the author of “Animal Farm”. Just like Richard Bach said in “nothing by chance”. The very next day of reading of which purely by chance I had a chance to read […]
  • International Women’s Day Celebrations - International Women’s day celebrations are up, encouraged and running. The day is March 8. A chance to celebrate is not to be missed, because it comes rarely and mostly by invitation only. This particular celebration is only for women, so no treats for men! Some consolation is that anything can be done on this day […]
  • Getting confused is good - Getting confused is not always related to foolishness. Iis not a monopoly of the imbeciles. What you understand by getting confused is that your mind is thinking, it is thinking radially without being monotonic, it is thinking in radial directions, keeping things open and making your mind more healthy and creative. A scientist told me […]
  • Enthiran The movie analysis and suggestions for improvement. - Warning: Please watch the movie and then go through the suggestions. Myself saw the movie more than 3 times. The following may not interest you unless you watch the movie. The Title The Name “Enthiran”, “Robot”  in other languages, wasput probably because in Tamil Nadu there will be some amount of tax reduction if the […]
  • No. 10 Fabregas - It had been Fabregas all the way, why! Fabregas was on the bench and a guy talks incessantly about Cannavaro wearing a No.10 Fabregas red jersey. What happened to Fabregas? Who knows? But I was shouting Fabregas! No one bothered since it was the last day of stay. A golden chance, a shining chip from […]
  • Good morning - The doors are shut and closed But it has come through the wind, so close Breaking up all unknown To discrete units at dawn Welcome the bright day with sun so round Filling , enlightening the life around Refreshing are the mist and rain When it wakes us from the bed of pain Thank you […]
  • No limit to Excel - Once root had told this. The only thing sensible ever told by this root. There is something to it. Many believe that being in the middle is the right thing When you CAN, you probably never do it. When you WILL, people praise you , overwhelm you with applause. You simply feel great. An act […]
  • Charismatic Nature - Oh nature! My mother brilliant is your reign; Like the silent beauty of river; Yet so much to the gushing water, Which makes one sense your smile benign. Unrelentless and non-chalant, Unnerving and splashing charm. Unheard of as if in dream, Uncalled for your whirlpool current. All away from over the mountains, All the way […]
  • Have I got anywhere< - When exams are near, And you’ve ‘nt got far;you fear. The books play hide, And you hunt ’em all side. The pleasure of seeking, hunting,studying and readying, All ceases the moment you see the smally, which is the core, the syllabi , how lovely. Stranger still the way you go jolly, Until the D-day which […]
  • Linux and FOSS concept:A state of anarchy? Monday, June 9, 2008 - Monday, June 9, 2008 Linux and FOSS concept:A state of anarchy? Does Linux and free and open source software spread a state of anarchy,where anywhere can do anything,resulting in a complete mess? That was a question raised by my friend who is somewhat neck-deep in politics.Both of us agreed on the concept of equal rights […]
  • Human Welfare ? Saturday, 19 January 2008 - Saturday, 19 January 2008 Human Welfare? I have always wondered why humans do things for human welfare and benefits.Aren’t the life of other living things not worthy of the same or better welfare and care. Then I heard that Cockroaches have been on earth from time non-mappable,they are the organisms which can resist even nuclear/radioactive […]
  • Theory of wheels and time ,Saturday, 8 December 2007 - Saturday, 8 December 2007 Wheels! Watch the wheels what do they say when the vehicle moves forward? The wheels go back so as to make the vehicle move forward. As the wheel moves backwards it resembles the clock moving backwards,saying as long as we(the wheels) move the wheel anti clockwise we go anticlockwise;and at the […]

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