Ingredients of smart / green home

This is a continuation for the previous  post Here, I would like to reflect upon the ingredients that build the smart building. The words to lookout for are smart, green, low carbon, energy efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly living spaces.

The Architecture of the box:

A house is ultimately a box in which we confine our activities to safeguard ourselves from bad weather and ‘predators’. The architecture of the box should never be congested and aweful.  We intend to live in spaces that are conducive for a healthy happy time. Most bachelors look at the box (read home) as a pplace to rest their head, take bath and move on. Now, for a bachelor to live happy what is required is defined. What about a family? How about a couple of elderly living their last wishes. What about retirees ? A single space need to capture the imagination of many and incorporate and account for each person’s whimsical fantasies on a conducive habitat. This is a up-hill task involving sociological, psychological and habitual aspects of  everyone. Sustainable living spaces have a long lasting life and they should cater to the need of various age groups and prospective dwellers. Architects do  a wonderful way to keep the habitat acceptable and durable, while not compromising on the structural aspects of it. Various aspects such as the interior and exterior design, colour combinations, blinds, contours and aesthetics are taken care of.

Technologies at work:

Civil Engineers and traditional/oriental house designers have their own time tested, scientifically proven techniques to make up the box. This box has to withstand the temperatures, humidity, air content – such as salinity near coastal areas and what not. There is a plethora of factors to be considered, but thankfully only a few need the utmost attention. No one would want to live in a 100 % dust free clean box. The idea is to minimise the harmful affects, increase the comfort, within the budget and please the dweller for the time  they live. Some structures get refurbished and revamped every 10 years. Hence, variations and modifications can be easily adjusted to the existing box. The various considerations include : – usage of bricks, specifications of marble, granite and tiles, the structural stability as per seismic zone classifications, the knowledge of water tables and variations in climate and wind patterns that may affect the structure.

Financial fundamental:

Everything boils down to one single stuff, money. The rich and poor alike would like to spend only a limited amount for their home, either for rent or for purchase. Now this money is a constraint on how much is to be spent on making the building smarter, greener, intelligent, maverick and what not?.


There is never a perfect design, but their are acceptable and unacceptable designs. the box under consideration would be sustainable if it has the same noble acceptance rate throughout its life time.  The sustainability of any structure depends on those who live. Hence utter veneration are bestowed upon a box that had lived upto expectations and sustained generations. The building then acquires a soul, that is not pluck-able from mind of the generations that have lived through it.

Smart technologies:

Technologies that help sort out the energy issues are always welcome. If something helps reduce cost of the Electricity Board bill what is more satiating? We forget to switch off some appliances and mull over it and spoil our free thinking, sometimes we catch a bus back to switch off the water-heater. Some computers switch off themselves, Air conditioners try to increase their temperature gradually to match the temperature in the morning. There are so many silent technologies. But can each and every light be controlled. Can the Air conditioner be put at the optimum temperature, so that the best thermal comfort is available. Is it possible by technology to satisfy each and every one of these wants?  There are urinals which work automatically, sensor fitted taps and occupancy based lighting. Adding more brilliance and automation into appliances do cost. This should be in acceptable range for the facility it provides. A true trade-off would be how much you can get concerned about the energy usage and cost of automation. If you can be careful and switch off unwanted items then what can be a better control. This is because you know how comfortable you are better than some technologies do. That is a truth.


Renewable Energy:

If the box is located in a nice very hot sultry area then you have all the possibilities to have a solar panel and start generating the energy needed for the home. This is like direct to home connection. You tap directly from the sun for your usage. If you are on vacation and the solar panel faithfully works out to give electricity , you may feed it to the electrical grid and generate money. This is useful. The same works for windy places. Feed the excess produce to the grid , count how much you have given and get money for it. Such mini power plants could harvest for self sustaining homes in addition to generating some money. There are devices that make the electrical grids smarter to make this smart technology work. USA is in the process of implementation of the same through NSF funded projects, research, development and deployment

Comfort Level:

Technology does not turn any stone un-turned.  Technology tries to automate many stuffs that you are forgetful about. It tries to generate electricity give you money and also judge how good you are feeling. Algorithms, programs and embedded systems in ubiquitous computing make this possible. this increases your comfort level  physically and mentally.

Customer/Owner’s Satisfaction:

That all these smart homes and technologies will really satisfy anyone for a long time is yet to be tested. Deployment of smart grids, smart buildings and smart technology are happening world over at a good space. Customer may get to give his feedback very soon and it will not be disappointing.

Smart Homes , Oh ! Really ?

A buzz word in its on right smart homes find a standing on its own.
Moreover, a learned man would use the terms, systems engineering, Cyber-physical systems, Mathematical modelling, Stochastic determination and multivariate analysis and probability theories to go hand in hand on the design of smart home. All of these would throw a normal/ casual searcher to stop his pursuit.

What is a smart home?, Let’s Capture the basics

How stuff works

Get some technical stuff from :-

Dr. Amarjeet Singh ( in IIIT Delhi have some nice really nice statistical tools that help reduce the carbon footprint.

His startup Zenatix provides more information

IIT Hyderabad has done many smart works in the field. The idea is again to move to zero energy smart environments.

CDAC Chennai has some bearing towards smart homes R&D

When Honda opened its smart home in UCDavis.(Video)

I was happy about someone talking about the colours to be used. That has impact in saving lighting related energy expenditure.

Nevertheless, I have this odd feeling that when there is more analysis and scientific data crunching to get to the essence, there is a lurking doubt on whether all this is necessary.

Talks relate to use of Information and Communication Technology for the betterment of day to day lives. The cost of houses rise like anything and these technologies become affordable in the related sense. But, in the beginning, there was a house that was decently priced, is it even necessary to modify it.

Here, is a traditional home (in Kerala). Image taken from

A traditional house in Kerala, the image is taken from

The pillars of the house is brick and reinforced cement. The roofing is brick-tile. There is lot of shade around the house. The central plot would be free of any construction. Mostly,Ocimum tenuiflorum (Tulasi) stands in the central plot. Air flows from main and back doors and windows into the building, and towards the central plot. From there the comparatively hot air (after absorbing the heat dissipated from the buidling ) could rise up and leave the premise. Rain falls in the middle and around the building. Very often we can see a couple of glass tiles on the roof corresponding to each room. This gives natural light. That is good enough for normal life, except living. There is no much colour sense and aesthetic painting done on the walls, interior or exterior. Does this act as a smart home? Partly yes, with natural lighting and cooling (26-34 degree Centigrade during summer). What is missing is the lighting during night. If supplemented by lights then it does not give as great a illuminance as a concrete roof with white painting on underside. The traditional brick-tile has brown colour and is not great reflector of the light. But lights can be so arranged as to suit the reading requirement of the reader. Other cons , would be non-optimum structure as far as cost -generated per occupant is considered .



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Let’s us see another example of planned building construction. This one is from Yemen

Find more about Weather in Aden, YE
Click for weather forecast Wikipedia provides image for High-rise architecture at Shibam, Wadi Hadramawt and many details. At Shibam, the high rise buildings gave protection to residents, low cost of maintenance and no need for high tech eco-friendly cost-effective “energy-efficient” HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control and related hassles of sensors, actuators and automation algorithm, software and what-not.

Things really can be simple and they really work. The role of technologist is to make life better, not more complicated. Just like a fast use doesn’t need graphical eye-candies to get his routine work done. Just like some people stick onto to notepad and keep the memory required low (which is really low carbon) remove unwanted fonts, formatting and fanciful items. Life could be made simple. Only if we had thought of it.

People call the frugal Indian’s miss-call communication as an innovation, as Jugaad. We have been doing this for ages, without anybody telling it. We could use a pen to open a difficult-to-open pack of snacks, no scissors, no blades are really a requirement. I would say people are made to believe to do certain things in certain way, say bad education, and make them feel developed, well-researched, “knowledgeable” mind. These refinements have become a hurdle to free thinking. It had also hampered the clear judgement of a common-belief. Is this a practice to corrupt the mind of masses? Does technology wish to do it, inadvertently? What do technologists and evangelists, educators and professionals do to correct the mechanism?

If we had an answer, we could proudly say , we are smart people in a smart world, with smart technologies and smart homes.

Stochastic determination and judgmental analysis

"First of all, let me wish you all a happy autism day!." Ravan said and then moved on to his rhetoric. I was shocked and surprised. How could one wish someone a happy autism, if it continues like this, it would be happy cancer day, happy AIDS day and so on. I could not stand the gravity of the greeting. I decided to poke him for his casual unassuming greeting of the day.

I asked him my doubts. He was both diabolic and conniving in his answer, as if he was hiding some brutal instinct, with clandestine satisfaction that made his eyes laugh.

He started answering, but in many ways incomprehensible and incoherent. Nevertheless, let me put it out.

He asked me " what is 2+2?". I said " 4."

And he said "that it is what you believe, or better, what you are made to believe. Since, you believe it and propagate it so it stays on as an empirically proven idea. But never it really had any connotation or resemblance to the law of nature that is taken for truth, nor science could substantiate the statement without assumptions. "

"Similarly, you are a person who wants to eat food according to your whims and fancies, you want vada to go with chutney and won’t touch chappathi without without knowing which curry goes with it. You prefer noodles with sauce, not because you like it, but you believe it is to be ate so"

" You judge me, say that I am trying to be different for the sake of it. I am trying to show of, inadvertently or not, you would judge me, my dress, ask me to cut my beard and dress in tighter dresses. You would say I am old-fashioned and not trendy. You would scorn at my frugality and call me a miser. You would grudgingly bicker over a thousand trivial stuff. All knowing that it is not based on the fact or the liking, but justly based on your belief of the world-law. "World -Law" that is such a painstakingly inexplicable. I am too incredulous for that cantankerous rules of the world."

"You would start to persuade me to ameliorate my stance. Only to pronounce yourself an evangelist of the world-law. I would not fall for that sham."

"You are a married woman, let me ask you one thing. You were the dresses for the sake of wearing or for fashion? I believe by this age and maturity you need not search for a mate, why then do you make a fuss about make-up and jewellery. You know all the more well how to dress decently and not get a amorous glance. Lest you really wanted, why would you dress in such a manner , so as to be seductive, when you "really" are satisfied with a happy married life and lovely kids."

This last statements struck me so hard, my head was hanging like a common computing system, I could not make any intelligible sounds, all I perceive I showed was a disappointed silence.

I had this fleeting instance in which I totally agreed to his contentions. I noticed that he had not answered my question on the cruel greeting. I began to question. He caught this even before I could open my mouth.

He began once again. " The question you started was on why I would wish anyone a happy autism. It was not with any cruel intentions that I said so. What I wanted was to convey was that everyday should be happy. Everyone should be happy in their own respect. Your own stochastic determination and judgemental analysis paved way for you to understand the statement better. Now you are convinced about how it could help you in future. The paltry gossiping and random sagacity are two deadly combination for a dissatisfied life. I hope at least for the time being you can accept all things as it is. You can accept that there are autistic people. You know they want a pleasant life. You accept that Happy autism day means nothing more than this. You also come to conclude that there should not be such a thing as good person or bad person, as you get along you know how much freedom you have with one person to comment about him, without any trace of judge-mentality, in a completely non arrogant manner."

I had nothing more to speak. I was dumbfounded in the beginning. Later, I came to terms with the flow of thoughts of this man. He was somewhat arrogant and patronising in the beginning. And later he became a convoluted thoughtbox spitting out in palaver. And in the end it was as if, all these notions were worthless avocation, that I was precariously holding onto. I could rip myself away from this and accept the thoughts and the talker, with no presumptions. I felt free. I could feel the air filling the lungs and a smooth exhalation. I could hear a bee ,which was hanging around in the room, humming its own pastime song.

I opened the door to get out. I turned back and faced Raavan. I told him " Wish you a happy autism day".

PS: The story as told by Lakshmi

Tada Trekking Time.

An additional day of cool off time, paved way for the day to think on an expedition. With many blogs and websites that help to see the unseen we decided on a trip to Ubbalamadugu waterfalls. The nearest waterfall that one can get to from Chennai. It needs some patience to climb the rocky paths to reach it. And the falls, itself looks like a slightly huge shower,under which you can stand and not get washed away.  You can experience, feel and drink from the falls, due to its moderate force and small size.

We were a bunch of lazy guys trying to cool off on a rather unassuming day. So we got on a 0730 train from Chennai Central Suburban station (MMC) towards Sullurpeta (SPE). Tada railway station was almost 2 hours away. We could sleep, talk, and listen to music, and look around in the typical bachelor style of operations and movements.

Tada marks the border of Andhra Pradesh (2014) and Tamil Nadu state borders. But it has no grand welcome or exit messages. on reaching Tada, we had our breakfast and then went to the mayhem outside, that was the least welcoming for a tourist, in the form of share autos and other autos. The auto drivers were all enthusiastic, full of energy and ready to bargain. We started asking about the charges for to and fro the waterfalls (Forest Gate). Their estimates were all a solid INR 800 plus. Some drivers asked whether we wanted to go to toddy shop. We had a good laugh over it. And found a better way to proceed. We decided to go to the nearby bus stop and get ourselves as far as the public buses would go. We got to Tada bus stop,near Tada market, from there we took bus to Varadiah Palem. At Varadiah Palem, it was learned that there was no us to the place we wanted to go. So we have to resort to some auto. Without expertise of Telugu speakers in the group of 5,  we do not know how we would have bargained. But the bargain was not as expected. The auto driver was contumacious, and we had to stick to what price he had put, at INR 450 for to and fro. So we proceeded, the auto-driver suggested to buy and eat or store whatever required from Varadiah Palem, nothing would be available at the forest, the canteen which was there is also closed.

At the Forest gate, there was a shed under which some guards in khaki uniform rested. On seeing the auto , they came up. Some officials, were noticed, to be sitting with some papers under the shed. The guards who came up asked us about the bags, and requested to open it up. They check whether we are hiding liquor. Camera charges are to be paid at INR 50 per camera. Our auto driver paid for our entry and for the auto-rickshaw parking, after a shaky rocky ride. Then we moved on to the parking spot. From where, we have start on our foot. We saved the auto-drivers phone number and the auto number. We told him our estimate of return. He had put up his time to return as 1400. We had reached there after 1100.

We met some steps built over a stream. We crossed it and started with photo sessions. The water in the stream was cool. And then the feet that are unused to walking have to start walking, over the stream, rocky trail. And the trail become more rocky. Some nice view of mountain tops. And then we moved on, it was the end of winter on March 2. The climate was pleasant and cool. It was not dusty and we could listen to some birds singing out.  Then we met another stream, where flow was more. We had emptied our bottles into sweat, bottles were filled at the running portion of the small river. Then we noticed that there were some empty discarded plastic bottles and some socks in the water. The rocks in the stream were like large pebbles, there were still some small ones that one could pick up as a souvenir.

We moved on, there was nothing to do about the waste in the forest, for we are also new here, but determined not to spoil it any further than it already is. Moving on, we started seeing some dogs and then a Siva temple. Beyond which we met another stream, a much small one, with two steps we could cross it. Near the stream some guys were having liquor, the smell was on the air. It was uninviting.

There were rocks to be trodden yonder, we were totally immersed in rocks and boulders. The size started increases, jumping over some and watching over the rocks all the time, since some which were easily step-able  were shit on by some organism of the wild, but our better guess were the dogs. Some guys were happily returning, we asked them about the onward journey for us, how far to the waterfalls. All of them of our age range were totally happy and energetic about tellings the routes and how the rocks got bigger. Some guys had picked up sticks to help themselves to climb over. We noticed that all the people had turned out in gangs, so that help was always around, there were also girls who went on trek, though a minority by number. The rocks mixed with streams. Sometimes, it was easy to walk on the stream below and get wet up to knees than to climb up a difficult stone.

The rocks became bigger, it was sometimes hard to find the easiest path, and then I relied on some extended hands of friends who could pull me up, tell me where to place the foot and climb and tread on. I met the read on white background solid lines on a big rock, that read danger area. Of course, the footwear were proving to be a head-ache, it helped over soil were we could make out there were shards of glasses. But then placing the foot on stone to climb up was easier with the leverage of foot-fingers than a plain surface provided by the footwear. Often, I had to take the footwear in hand to win over a challenging stone. I wanted to discard the footwear, while a friend also felt the same. We wanted to put out the danger in “Danger area” and we declared the place as “Chappal(footwear) area”.  The danger area, we assumed were going to be even tougher, as mentioned by returning trekkers. There was two huge massive stones and in between there were a few stones. From top of the landing stone, we had to step on the small area were the stones were actually stuck by the gap between the two large boulders. The small stepping stones were stuck there due to sheer size of the boulders on the sides. And to add thrill to all this we had to have a small jump from landing rock to the stepping zone. With abyss at the bottom giving some kind of creepy  feeling, with the smaller pieces of stones giving way to our weight on them and falling onto this depth, it was really giving a dangerous outlook on the purview. Two odd sticks could possibly lead us to the path above the danger area. This had to be done with extreme care. Especially with my weight to be pulled up, I had help with friends holding the sticks at the bottom and friends above who told me exactly where to put my step on, besides I had my hand ready to be pulled up just in case.

We met some monkeys, some humans filled with liquor, a danger pool area and a path further up. The slopes were steep. I would view only the immediately available rocks and tree trunks to hold on to. I would not look down, or look up. When some loose pieces of rocks were on the way,I pushed one away in frustration and irritation and the enthusiasm to move on. Little did I realise that it could have hit people coming up from bottom and the slope was steep enough to make them loose their holds and get injured by yet unforeseen loose piece of stone coming in their direction. I regretted for having pushed the stone down, while I heard a group of 3-4 guys trekking up. I assumed patience to be my best comrade and moved upwards.

Getting lost in the forest was easy when two of us were slow to catch up with the fit guys of the team of five. We lost way and ended up at a dead end, where there was some resting place like that of a cave. The cave had a small way inward, very small, not good enough for a human to crawl into. We decided that they had not gone this way. Later realising that there was another path to the left of the route. We resumed trekking and then went left. Further, we could easily walk on a comparatively flat and one man’s walking way. The track gradually slopped down and then there was no gradient. There were easy steps on the rocks to walk down instead of sitting and crawling down. This had made the trousers very ugly and the effort seem worth displaying with all the dirt on the clothes. The trek could have been easier without the backpack with water and foods that I was carrying, but it could have turned out terrible afterwards, with no bottle to quench the thirst. I rested myself on the rocks and could see people taking the waterfall for a shower. People took turns to stand under the falls and take pictures. We took lot of photos and with help of many co-trekking group we could get some frames with all of us in it. Our bottles were once again filled with natural water. This water was tasting better, in some opinion. Nevertheless, it was water that was urgently needed.

After great deal of getting wet, taking photos, shouting and so on, we decided to visit the danger pool, way back. The climb down was faster and easier, with sliding down and small jumps we could easily get down. The loose pieces of stones were treaded on with some empathy towards the trekkers in oppostite direction. We precariously moved on such stuff that could slide and cause problem to other climbers. After crossing the Chappal area we turned right to reach the danger pool. It was a brilliant view with the green pool, reddish cliffs above and huge rocks. The crystal like pebbles in the pool were very attractive. Some guys stayed at the rocks and drank, some ate, some smoked. Some monkey gangs came up to collect leftover and spilled food items. Some guys were in the pool, enjoying the cool water. Some stayed at the halfway mark that demarcated the depth difference, beyond which the depth was more than neck-deep, say 6 ft(182 cm). Proficient swimmers went beyond the mark and met a small waterfall at the end of it. Some newbies to swimming learned swimming in the first half, for the first time in the natural setting. Some were diving from the plank at the half mark and enjoy the freshness of the whole place. After a considerable duration of fish-life, there was drying up , further photo sessions and then return journey.

During return at about 1530, we noticed more people were hanging out and moving around. We were not feeling hungry, we do not know why. We also found an alternate path midway and entered the Siva temple side without crossing the small stream. This path was very easy to walk on except for lot of shit. Many dogs were present this time and some ladies were cleaning up and burning up the litter. We walked on with somebody sharing some story and keep up the momentum. Beyond the other stream, the only noise that followed us was the song of some bird. One of us easily caught up with the bird and whistled in a mocking manner.

We got to the parking area and reached Varadiah Palem , without any events. Mostly, we were silent and happy at having done something different and enjoyable, natural and so mentally freeing expedition. At Varadiah Palem we paid the driver INR 500. Then, he suddenly extended help to catch a sullurpeta bus that was leaving the stand. We successfully caught the bus at next stop and got on. We saw the Kalki oneness temple on the way and then to Tada Bus stop. There the Tada Market was active, and we helped ourselves with tender coconut water and some bajjis (fried snack). We had a train from Tada R.S after 1800, the ticket seller was not willing to sell it too early, we waited for him to turn to his capricious side that was favourable which not coming up. We were hanging out and then went for eating our lunch. After giving the ticket seller enough time to contemplate on his contumacious non-officious habits, we were back in queue, got our tickets and waited in platform 2. Some more photo-sessions happened. And the train (MRTS) came. We were more than happy to stay silent and chew on the memories of the trek that was.

(PS: The reader is requested to keep in mind that the terms moderate, small, huge, clean, good, bad, heavy. difficult are all subjective to individuals physiques and emotions.)

the loss of a child w.r.t the parent: excerpts from Ramayana

As we were waiting for something, we had this discussion on brutal murder of a techie. It was news of the week, all office gossips would turn to this topic at one point or other. The discussions pushed all the boundaries of thought. More often it landed on how irresponsible the youth, employed youth are.

The employed youth, and of course the unemployed, together constitute a large majority in the country, that even the election outcome depends on them. The effect on the activities and the lifestyle of the youth who are plucked away from their parents and hometown, for the title of employment, or in search of it,cannot be quantised. There are some who hold onto the values, ethics, and sense of morality. There are some who welcome the change as something positive to be enjoyed, where the shackles of the restrictions and constraints of the hometowen are broken . There are more ways to spend and earn money, more friends and more activities in good and bad sense. There is simply more to do, that the time allotted per human being, of 24 hours seems too little,. All days are eagerly spend on spending money, time and energy, in search of satisfaction. The life of the age, the desires of the time would be lost, perhaps to the growing age, and hence the fear of loss of time, and hunger to be fast. As a result, the youth drive fast, eat fast, spend fast, think fast, take decisions fast. This speed really thrills.

A statistics on the age of motor accidents would surely reveal more supportive facts.

There is something that the age of the youth forgets, happily and for sure, atleast once in the youthful lifetime. They forget their parents, their roots. I had recently read a classic novel " Verukal" (Malayalam) by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan , which won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967. The story tells the emotions of people and his roots and links to ancestors, the importance of which goes beyond the realms of words.

Rama was born among brothers with step mothers (co-mothers?) and a great happy ruler. Things went fine till the day one of the co-mothers wished Rama to vanish so that her son could be King. Everyone, knew the kingdom was big enough to be divided and ruled. It was also possible that if the brothers – Rama and Bharatha were not in good terms a big war would have been possible. King Dasaratha, Rama’s father even tells Rama (according to Adhyaathma Ramayana – Thunchath Ezhuthachan) to kill him and take over the country. Which parent can withstand the loss of a child, even for the sake of another.

The biggest sadness of a parent comes from loss of a child or partner. The emotions engaged in it are very very deep, Inexplicable, Inexorable, and runs with Indefatigableness that makes it indomitable for the changing attitudes to subdue.

But I believe, every human goes through the phase of youthful exuberance, negligence and intolerance, that is actually a good human being (in future) , in the making. But by any chance if there was a thoughtful sensibility on the youth to perceive the anxiety and concern, responsibility and commitment of the elder, then surely it must be spend on some happy share-able moments that a sad reconnaissance in the pensive.


great way to know about companies, a check before your interview

A proper company will be listed in Ministry of company affairs website.

Go to the link and search for the company you wish to search. From this you will know when  and where it was registered.

A good company would write its history in a neat format, from the humble beginning and achievements till date.

Check out the domain here also.

So next time when u go for any interview check all these…

Google search the address mentioned. Confirm the address and co name. And , then proceed as you wish.

Thanks to all the inputs from


Glorification of a human

The glorification of a city by the king, the exaltation of the idol by devotee and the beautification of ourselves with cosmetics are common trends of life. A gypsy would want long beard. A beggar would want good wear and tear on the dress. The make-up turns iconic with followers of ostensible megalomaniacs craving for stardom.The media pushes all these with ravenous cacophony.

Humans are hailed as geniuses viz nerd and geek, as god-people, as evangelist, as superpowers- the indomitable, the invincible, the indefatigable. We are forced to forget the mediocre hardworking individual, who is forgotten in the jungle of rare and oftentimes constantly repeated stories of human edification.

Can we all not live a life that is banal ? That is lazy and worth living the way it is? No. Because we are not the same. There is something different in everyone. One autobiography may not cater well to you may be you need another person’s biopic as a catapult to finding your own dreams and getting out of the shackles of personal misgivings.

In a situation that demands a hero, many may witness it as an opportunity, many take the untrodden path, knowingly or unknowingly , intentionally or not they are all tied to the ravings and the aspirations the common man, who is not so common. Praise, felicitation and admiration run the roost. Suddenly we see some men added to the photos of hitherto well known big whiskers and beards and fancy hairs. Yes, an addition to the existing photos of fame.

Not once have I seen the thirst for esteem in a well matured common man in India. Always positive and altruistic, this common man is my influencer, this person whose gender or name, origin or political colour I do not perceive. It is this man who is my guiding light. That One person seem to help me whenever I want, moving my hand away keeping me from resting the head on palm for a sullen feeling in a crowded Mumbai suburban train, helping me to go in right direction, giving me some money to pay the fine for not travelling on ticket. I become the common person by virtue of goodness of such positive reverberations and exuberance that surround me. Moreover, I start helping people, telling them directions, notifying them about job posts, informing them in a non-invasive polite manner. I have changed to the common man.

What more to expect in a situation where the whole place gives a transcending experience. I am thankful, to be one among the other, invisible and helpful, unidentified and grateful.

There is no more a single woman/man getting glorified. The whole world is in that motion to ultimate deserving ubiquitous glory.

Climate consciences and thoughts

Green and sustainable technolgies are the mainstream topics now. The most commonly used words in this genre are smart buildings, smart systems, energy efficient systems, green computing, reducing carbon footprint.

Cutting down trees for paper have been proven as a myth. Most good paper companies have there own special trees grown in special places. They are grown to be cut. They are like broiler chicken. In case of chicken it is not killing a wildlife/ natural species. The same applies for the trees.

I have been tempted to use walking or cycling as a mode of transport. The other forms take more energy from non-renewable resources, viz coal and gas. Hydro electric power projects change the local climate of a region and displace large populations and natural habitat. Thinking on the other lines:- Cycling requires steel and rubber to be manufactured, they also consume energy from the same sources. In addition, there is the iron-ore mining and chemical treatments of rubber. Don’t these add to the carbon footprint? Besides, the cycle runs by human effort. The human driving the cycle has to eat and expend the energy. What about the source of energy for growing fuel for the human. This includes the agricultural land are that is made out of forests, intensive agriculture that damages the natural underground habitat. Also, there is the temptation for the cyclist to consume more food, thus escalating the problems. So, it could be said that being a urban human is a worst crime towards the plant. We as a human race are a tiny expendable speck on this planet. With copious other species and resources hitherto unknown to human knowledge called science, humans do not change anything?!

It is possible that the theory of thermodynamics that says total entropy keeps increasing holds true. The entropy or disturbance is in terms of human nature. Devoid of multiple and / or empathizing eyes, the humans are limited by vision and act.

Michael Crichton’s State of Fear generates lot of unanswered questions regarding climate change and its impact on earth. Murphy’s law may hold true.

What does an individual do in such ostensible preposterous nature of developments?

To comment or not to needs a rethinking. Rather than commenting on the fly or even after a sagacious pensive, the implications and the implicates turn the normal activity into pure and absolute junk. Inadvertently, climate consciousness turns into a negative connotation for some.

Studying about MSP430

We had this group who had some embedded development boards.

We have MSP430 Launchpad, Beagleboard and could 8051 and arduino board from the net. We wanted to develop some application and in the process learn something. We are trained men in the embedded field, hence we believe that we could come up with some nice application.

We start scouring through the internet jungle. Forums and magazines are helpful, but they give construction and sometime leave nothing for imagination. All the angles of perception get covered in most cases with forums and discussions.

So we get stuck in the select mode: either do monkeying or wait for the eureka moment. We have a bunch of experts who are accessible, knowledgeable and could guide us anytime. But we wait for the idea moment!

We start by reading the manuals and start with LED blinking in MSP430. Yes! we get stuck. No light. And we ponder over the question of copy pasting some net given code or read the manual for the code.

Sample code is the foundation or building block of any project. We do the sample code. The light blinks. What further? Standard exercises of UART, LCD interface and other communication protocols or get (copy) ideas and do something incremental?

Finally stuck there. With monkeying vs innovating question.