Synchronising the universe of technology, The Univercell Sync experience

Work and life has minimised to having storage in cloud and processing power in hand, that is a smart phone.  When such powers are bestowed upon oneself ain’t one inclined to muse more deeply into what kind of prowess to behold. Thence began the sojourn to Univercell Sync store. Univercell Sync  logo from Phoenix site It was a pleasant day to start with a cool climate which was gradually moving to hot, typical Chennai. I had these thoughts of what my role is as I go to the Univercell Sync shop. I could be a regular blogger, a curious window shopper, a mobile critic, a customer. I had my options open as I was also considering making a purchase. One month back I was in search of a mobile. My criterion were very simple. I needed a good music player, since I’m a student of music, also a decent web handler for the occasional ticket booking, social networking and a camera not less than 5 MP with a flash. I was on three-five online stores almost all days. And every week I was seeing a new release of mobile. Most confusing were the decisions in the budget of 5000 INR. For Karbonn, Celkon, Intex, Nokia all had good suggestions for me online . I was in search. Google could not help since there were so many parameters to be checked and compared across various sites. The gsmarena site was good for end comparison between two phones and the reviews. Flipkart was most confusing with mixed reviews and thousands of buyers in each phone category. Life was not simpler thanks to Amazon, snapdeal, ebay, homeshop18, cromaretail and exclusive launches that I had to check on. Some sites like Junglee and smartprice gave some bearing though very vague. I could not depend on my friends as all had different company mobiles and each liking their own. They could cite the good and bad of their own phones but could not zero in on what is best for me. Some great engineering friends could tell me how the dual core and quad core handles a multitasking scenario, switching and interrupts. The greatness of Qualcomm Snapdragon vs the omnipresence of Mediatek. The need for a higher Ah( Ampere-hour) rated battery for a 4.7 inch screen if I wanted to go without charger for one and a half day. It was too confusing. The fun of dilemma was increased more when I played the game on MI site to create my own phone. They give a set of components , each having its own price tag. The total budget set at 8000 INR. The best design will be scored on the basis of entertainment, multitasking, battery life and so on. The exercise gave me an idea on how much a phone costs as per its prime components, viz. RAM, processor, camera, number of SIM slots etc. But some companies like Sony put more into your phone . There were things/jargon/terms like ClearAudio+ technology. Sony smartphones go into schematic details of how their phones reproduce best quality music. In search of mobile phones my knowledge may have increased but I still use the Nokia 100 for I am not able to pick a smartphone for myself. And the knowledge gained from words of letter do not let me suggest a phone to someone with confidence. What is the solution? I needed to have some hands on experience. I had experienced laptops and tabs at Croma store but not phones. One that was in Mobilestore where dummy pieces and dead weights. How can I see what is there for me. For instance I saw many go behind the hp slate 7 a low priced tab for its function, some say that the price was reduced due to glitches and quality issues. On one day, one reviewer gives all thumbs up to it , on another day , some just smash that image to pieces by scribbling how their piece of technology is so useless and crappy! As I searched for phones I also had to search for service centers nearby. I remember taking a Nokia “supernova” phone 150 km away to service centre and then go back home and come another day when the phone was ready. And the service was not great since the phone started on its symptoms again after a few months. The access to service centre and the quality of the service also mattered. I had all this in mind as I entered Univercell Sync showroom at Sterling road, Nungambakkam. The showroom had a neat and fresh look, as if it was not a regular mobile shop. Greeting smiles welcomed me inside. I had a walk around. There was a space which captured my attention, the music section. The showroom assistant gladly helped with his explanation of different sections. He explained the music section very nicely, and allowed me to check the difference between beats audio headsets in-the-ear and over-the-ear (which costs 15k). I was surprised!, who will let you check such an expensive item before purchase ? Thrilled by just the sound of it I went on to explore more. The music section had phones and headsets which you could test with any permutations and combinations and then decide which is best. The phones were all live and you could see all the functionalities of it. The showroom assistants are helpful and would guide to choose the desired aspects. Mr. Abhimanyu explained the  concept of Univercell Sync, why it is relevant now and why it is a requirement of mobile industry.With a little bit of background history on market for mobiles and current scenario, the plethora of designs, and functionality makes one’s mind wobble. The number of phones, the number of apps and accessories all are intended to make your life simple. The idea is to get the best out of technology for one’s life and hence the Univercell Sync shop. The specialty of the shop is that the phones and tablets are all live. The phones are all categorized into following sections.

  • Imaging section
    1. With a studio setup and photo printer to check the camera quality
  • Music section
    1. With headsets that one can check for quality before purchase
    2. With other accessories such as Bluetooth speakers and sound shooters
  • Work and play
    1. Where the phones full performance and capabilities could be checked. In fact, there was TV on the wall which displayed content from a smartphone.
  • Top selling desk
    1. Updated once a month with top-selling products
  • Bazaar section
    1. The section is for phones which are jack of all trades but master of none. This is best budget smart-phones section, displayed very neatly and in accessible manner.
  • Children’s section
    1. There were tabs on display which the kids could spend time with. This relieved a customer to focus on the job at hand viz. looking for a phone. This is a very thoughtful of Univercell, nobody could check the full features of phones with a more delicate issue at hand viz. children.

Each section had a questionnaire relevant to that section that the user can cross check. The showroom assistant could guide with the parameters of the phone and give options as to which phone is the best for the customer. The WOW (Walk out Working) factor The value addition comes when someone can tell how to choose your phone apps and install it before you leave the shop with the bill. My sister had a phone from ebay which costed 12k INR. I had a basic phone with Bluetooth and I wanted to transfer a song and see the sound quality of the supposedly smart-phone. But the android did not have  a Bluetooth transfer option. Being new to android at that time I was shocked that somebody sold a phone at that price without Bluetooth. That was cheating ! I searched on net and later concluded that the phone was android phone and a Bluetooth app had to be installed. Relieved and reassured I went on to check the same. If someone could provide all this basic features and apps in the phone with the bill then it is really nice. The Univercell Sync provides WOW ( Walk out Working ). All the apps that are required will be installed before we leave the shop. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to search and install. Also, lets us save time for what we do the best. Univercell provides the best phone that meets our desires. There are almost as many brands and phones as people’s wish. It is for the buyer to choose the best among the lot. We are in  a world where our dream phone is really in the market, though obscured by choices and numbers.  We may be constrained by budget, also willing to take whatever discount available on the internet. The Univercell makes this simple by EMI options and help the customer buy the best phone that suits them in an easy way. The Univercell shop becomes a single point of reference for all your mobile issues if it comes up. There is no need to send your mobile purchased online to unknown places and wait. Univercell provides a warranty service in which there is door pick-up and delivery. I personally am very afraid to handle the phone a friend recently bought. What happens if it slips, falls and breaks, everyone will be disappointed. But, Univercell provides total care package where within the period of care there is replacement guaranteed for screen and parts. Now, with that I need not be afraid to let my friend check my new phone. Univercell Sync was a pleasant experience, it brings the human touch to digital world of purchase. The personal touch with which customer and purchase is valued is evident from the schemes of total care and pick-me service. When there is an expert to guide, we can reach our maximum potential. Here, the Univercell really shrinks, simplifies and synchronises all the needs of customer through Univercell Sync experience.

Time for a stand alone VLC player hardware a.k.a music player

I am Surprised by people selling music player that does not give  complete brawn equivalent of VLC media player. I was in search of a device that plays the “Glenn Gould meets Yehudi Menuhin” that I have in flac. I have been listening to it provided I had a computer and VLC player on it. 


Music players in market  viz sony, apple brands all cost  between 2k to infinity in INR. I knew due to wikipedia that the android version 4.0 + had flac support. Trying to be curious my friends questioned the wikipedia practically. The hardware for test was powered by Android v 2.6.3 on lenovo phone with VLC media player (Beta) installed for android. True to the words of wikipedia the android said that the flac file just transferred was unsupported file type.  Now this android met flac file and disappointed the user.My friend got the VLC player up and running and found the same “Glenn Gould meet Yehudi Menuhin“.  However, the VLC player met the geniuses and brought them to years. Link to VLC on android feedback here.

Further thought remain that there could be a stand alone music player that takes the hardware and whatever signal processing algorithms are required for digital sound reproduction . With VLC media player on such a machine could be very handy with no confusion on the types of music files playable and so on.


When will such a machine come ?  Are the music companies listening ? Is it economic and marketable?  These and other practical questions, apart from personal satiation of the thought, remain.

Using an effective Email signature

Email signatures, traditionally, have, the sender’s name and some greeting. This being set with the email provider gets added automatically to the mail being sent.

Further additions to Email signatures are with blog or web address, Chat ID, skype/google/facebook/twitter ids.

Quotes: have been a rock star for catchy email signatures. But the need to change it as per mood can cause confusion with receiver. It can take the crux and focus of the email content to different contexts and directions

Images:Funny images always evoke and provoke a thought , a smile and spreads joy.

The above-mentioned are useful for informal communications.

Formal Email signatures could include:

(1) Image of business card.

Link to

(1) website

(2) blog

(3) social networking : facebook/twitter

(4) chat Ids: skype/gtalk and so on

(5) Address of business

(6) Phone number(s)

(7) Multi-lingual Email signatures  are effective to tell the recipient about the language skill of sender. For example a professor in university could include his name in English and Telugu. This could show that the recipient could communicate back in any of the mentioned languages. As adding names in many languages and often changing it can be difficult. It is better to stick to native/business language in addition to International English.

Thanks and Regards, | शुभं

Ajeya | अजेय


Learning about the uses of Bottle Gourd (Calabash)

A) Bottle

Bottle Gourd as the name suggests is used to make bottles. When the vegetable is dried, the inside space can be cleaned and used as a bottle. The calabash (bottle gourd) as bottle can be seen in the movie “drunken master”. Where the master uses it.

B) Vegetable

Bottle Gourd is primarily a vegetable and hence it should be used as a vegetable also.

C)Music Instruments

Due to its properties of durability it is used to make musical instruments. Wikipedia lists the following musical instruments which:

(1) Sitar

(2) Ek Thaara

(3) Veena (various varieties)

(4) Snake charmer’s flute .In addition in online stores one can see the use of the same as the snake charmer’s flute

D)As a float – To learn swimming

The dried bottle gourd float on water. According to experts , 2 bottle gourds tied onto body to support human weight upto 100kg. The expert Mr.Praveen G has extensively used dried bottle gourds to learn swimming in Andhra Pradesh. This comes in a better format and very comfortable compared to tubes/life savers that newbie swimmers have on them.

Chennai – Alleppey The original Chennai Express

For a little history please refer wikipedia_page.

Chennai Alleppey is home to people who frequently travel to mid – Kerala till Alleppey (Alappuyha). Please click on the train numbers for their schedules.

16041 Chennai to Alleppey/16042 Alleppey to Chennai. These were the train numbers of its glorious past. As an express train it was perfect for a worker in Ernakulam to catch the train at South (Ernakulam Jn) railway station at 1720 and arrive at Chennai Central (MAS) at 0600. (Actual arrival time should be read as arrival at basin bridge.)

For the uninitiated, Basin Bridge Junction (BBQ, we call it Barbeque- in future) is a major junction for all trains to and fro MAS. The halt for most trains at BBQ is unannounced and random. This is because of signalling to and fro the Central station. Beyond BBQ towards MAS there is a bridge, hence the name basin bridge. The speed is limited for all trains passing over this bridge. Subject to availability of vacant platforms and speed limited trains coming out the arrival time at Central is almost always more than what is on paper.

Now it has been rechristened / re enrolled / renumbered (train number coding system) as superfast at 22639/22640. The halts for express and superfast are same. The time on paper differ at most by -10 minutes at MAS. But due to BBQ the home-train ( newly coined term ) will follow its routine. Thus by a simple paper work of renumbering, renaming and very minor time schedule change, the Indian Railways is able to charge the (same) passengers the fee for superfast instead of (previous) express.

Charges for The Superfast 22640 ERS-MAS : 400 (Since July)
Charges for The Express 16042 ERS-MAS : 355 (Before July)

Getting INR 50 per head for the same train, same time, same person is one way to increase the railways income. This is example of one train. What about others?

Decoding the train number using IRFCA

For 16041/16042

1 = long distance

6 = SR

0 = Chennai (60 for chennai division)

4 = ? / train id (sub divisions – internal)

1/2 = train id up/dn

For 22639/22640

2 = 2 is also for long-distance trains; it is to be used when train numbers starting with 1 are exhausted in any series.
2 = superfast

6 = SR

3 = Thiruvananthapuram division / 4 = unknown?

9/0 = train id up/dn

From the numbers 1 thing to be understood is The new superfasts are home to Thiruvananthapuram division which will take care of it. Compare this with 16041/2 maintained by Chennai division.

Solution to TinyOS installation issue – the easiest way

I could not look beyond the java make problem or the error numbers for make in previous post. It was too unfortunate that the installation , with a headache for steps had to end like that.  Without a proper installation procedure, how is one going to work and learn. I’d like no software engineering, no shut down reboot stuff, no re-install, not even shaking my computer and beating it up for this.

The aim of a  framework is to make itself easily available to install and use. TinyOS on Cygwin with Win 7 and the high level detailed step and instructions given by universities of repute and unmatched stand – > stanford, berkeley, KTH all kneeled before this “humbleness” of  tinyOS installation?! I can’t believe that an installation had its own plans to fail. I cannot help but think that I had made some silly mistakes. I go on blabbering like this and you are going to shut your eyes.


But, I have solved the TinyOS installation problem. I had a Debian on my PC. I decided to try my luck there. Open source should work with open source , right?


I tried the eye-catchy

Two-step install on your host OS with Debian packages

in TinyOS wiki.

And I go to my copied sample  code  of given in the same wiki. It works like a normal C code. I say “make” and it does make.

Now, what do I make of this?

TinyOS 2.x Cygwin Win7 Java Make Error No solution

$ make
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java
make[1]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net
make[2]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/packet’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/packet
ncg -o -java-classname=net.tinyos.packet.Serial java /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h Serial.h
Couldn’t execute gcc
failed to parse nesC file /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h
Makefile:12: recipe for target ‘’ failed
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/packet’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/message’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/message
mig -o -java-classname=net.tinyos.message.SerialPacket java /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h serial_packet -I/opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/types
Couldn’t execute gcc
failed to parse message file /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h
Makefile:12: recipe for target ‘’ failed
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/message’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sf’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sf
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘SFWindow.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [SFWindow.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sf’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/comm’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/comm
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘TOSCommLibraryLoader.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [TOSCommLibraryLoader.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/comm’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/mviz’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/mviz
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘DMoteModelListener.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [DMoteModelListener.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/mviz’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sim’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sim
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘LinkLayerModel.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [LinkLayerModel.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sim’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/tools’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/tools
mig java /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/printf/printf.h printf_msg -o
Couldn’t execute gcc
failed to parse message file /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/printf/printf.h
Makefile:16: recipe for target ‘’ failed
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/tools’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/util’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/util
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘Messenger.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [Messenger.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/util’
../../Makefile.include:57: recipe for target ‘subdirs’ failed
make[2]: *** [subdirs] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos’
../Makefile.include:57: recipe for target ‘subdirs’ failed
make[1]: *** [subdirs] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net’
Makefile.include:57: recipe for target ‘subdirs’ failed
make: *** [subdirs] Error 2

Introduction to TinyOS on cygwin with Windows 7 ends in error. Given here are the errors but no solutions

In cygwin add the options as follows to install
rpm -Uvh –force –nodeps –ignoreos

Links that may help :


The Simple Program given as example in Tiny OS wiki.

Error on make

$ make micaz
mkdir -p build/micaz
compiling SimpleAppC to a micaz binary
ncc -o build/micaz/main.exe -Os -Wall -Wshadow

-Wnesc-all -target=micaz -fnesc-

cfile=build/micaz/app.c -board=micasb -

DDEFINED_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x22 -finline-

limit=100000 -DIDENT_APPNAME=\”SimpleAppC\” -


\”ajaya-PC\” -DIDENT_USERHASH=0x8a243f35L -


DIDENT_UIDHASH=0x7144cba9L -fnesc-dump=wiring

-fnesc-dump=’interfaces(!abstract())’ -fnesc-

dump=’referenced(interfacedefs, components)’ -

fnesc-dumpfile=build/micaz/wiring-check.xml -lm
/usr/bin/avr-gcc: /usr/bin/avr-gcc: cannot

execute binary file

recipe for target ‘exe0′ failed
make: *** [exe0] Error 126


$make micaz

same error

ajaya@ajaya-PC /opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/Blink
$ make telosb
mkdir -p build/telosb
compiling BlinkAppC to a telosb binary
ncc -o build/telosb/main.exe -Os -O -mdisable-hwmul -Wall -Wshadow -Wnesc-all -target=telosb -fnesc-cfile=build/telosb/app.c -board= -DDEFINED_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x22 -DIDENT_APPNAME=\”BlinkAppC\” -DIDENT_USERNAME=\”ajaya\” -DIDENT_HOSTNAME=\”ajaya-PC\” -DIDENT_USERHASH=0x8a243f35L -DIDENT_TIMESTAMP=0x539ade1bL -DIDENT_UIDHASH=0xecd2214dL -lm
Couldn’t execute msp430-gcc
/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/make/msp/msp.rules:104: recipe for target ‘exe0′ failed
make: *** [exe0] Error 2

$ printenv
PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9, GenuineIntel
ORIGINAL_PATH=/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Windows Live:/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32:/cygdrive/c/Windows:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Intel/OpenCL SDK/2.0/bin/x86:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Windows Live/Shared:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/runtime/win32:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Flash Magic:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin/tools
COMMONPROGRAMFILES=C:\Program Files\Common Files
PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Windows Live:/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32:/cygdrive/c/Windows:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Intel/OpenCL SDK/2.0/bin/x86:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Windows Live/Shared:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/runtime/win32:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Flash Magic:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin/tools
PS1=\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[32m\]\u@\h \[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\]\n\$
PRINTER=HP Universal Printing PCL 6
CLASSPATH=cygpath -w $TOSROOT/support/sdk/java/tinyos.jar;.

Update: There is some clash between the versions of the TinyOS that cause the problem. It is better to use older versions to get stable results and installation.

Plan to fail; fail to succeed

Testing in various forms are but crude forms to weed out the wrong and promulgate the right way to things. It has been oft repeated and been in advertisements, that you fail faster to succeed sooner. Failing in this way is an art. The trial and error procedure of any test will lead to a systematic manner in which the failure can be arranged for. This systematic arrangement to fail act as a procedure how not to fail. Thus planning your failure is important.


How do you plan to fail? There are some very small steps to be taken.

If you are following a trial and error method of testing, you should be looking at the following:


- List down the number of possiblities

- Track the dependency paths

- Keep all options open

- Draw a tree or chart that gives the complete view of the possibilities and ways.

- Start testing and ticking off the methods that fail.

- Eliminate and get the possible ways forward

- Make a document, if possible with the charts and tracking points for further reference.


Each instance of failure if properly laid down can act as good guiding points for future planning and management. This can also act as a checkpoint where most of the possibilities in one particular branch of dependencies is tracked.

In a bottom up approach of testing by trial and error, in its simplest instance of printing out at every function entry , in software development, the steps mentioned above would be helpful.

But as responsible developers and managers know, they need the architecture or the overall view of the project  at hand for testing. This is top down approach. This makes use of the overall chart or tree that is suggested above. There are some nice presentation software such as Prezi ( which provide such visually illustrative vivid descriptions.


As the maxim goes. Make failure work for you. Let it push you to success. Failure is truly the stepping stone to success.


Also, as we have seen already, only the plan can fail

Definition of God, exploring some plausible answers

I was asked by a fellow about my perception of god, about god, on god.

My first preference on this note would be this previous post.


I was conservative on answering his query on my perception on god. But in sum total the term “God” could be summarised into the following:-


1) The Uncertain

2) Luck

3) The Inexplicable

4) The Unknown


Let me elaborate on this further.

1) The Uncertain

There are many happenings, situations, which are not working as per our plan.  This has close ties with non-existentialism. Whereby the human is not able to predict certain events due to the uncertainty and the complexity involved. Basically , when things are not in our hand, we prefer to refer it to the God.


2) Luck

Suppose there are many applicants which equal qualifications, only few posts are available to be filled. Only those who are lucky get selected. This assumes that all are equal in all other aspects. Mostly, by way of common-sense and certificates people get selected. Communication may play a role. There is lot of uncertainty involved and people who get what they wish only depend on luck. This is especially true for an Indian scenario. We have a lot of people around, some may be helpful, some may not be. This “May” is the uncertainty. And what happens in a positive manner is the luck. And what is negative result affiliated to ? That would come under the Inexplicable.

3) The Inexplicable

As humans, we are prone to diseases, despair, anger and very many negative emotions. Sometimes, theses negativeness help us appreciate the beauty of the positives around. For instance, if you listen to a rapper and then switch to classical music by Yesudas, you feel the difference, you will appreciate the divinity of his music more.

Sometimes, we get into deep emotional, mental or physical trouble. We ourselves cannot judge what went wrong, and solutions may be far away and veiled. What could one do in such a situation. It is definitely not by choice that we wish bad things to happen to us. We all wish a have a positive and normal, calm and peaceful life. But there is this inexplicable that simply adds spice to life. This is the Inexplicable, which is also unpredictable. We cannot make  out why this happened, at a particular time. And as with most accidents we are relieved once the bad phase passes over. We would be happy that a car had hit the leg instead of rolling over the torso. Life is such that this has to be accepted.

When something inexplicable happens, most people refer themselves to the divine prowess, some magnificent intervention. God then gives us courage and confidence to move on.

4) The Unknown

“Science” means to know. It is the knowledge of humans with reference to what is there. What is there is the unknown, and slowly science is uncovering the facts and rules of the nature. Here, nature is the unknown. From the minutest bacterium to planets and cosmos, From everything inside to everything outside, all are open to human discovery and understanding. Only if we had the eyes. Thus as science progress we feel that there are more explanations and theories available to prove one or the other. But the unknown persists. We say, everything is made of atoms, atoms being the indestructible building blocks. But why atom? who created atom? What is the purpose of all this?. With a continuous single question of why to all the answers to any question we end up talking about the unknown. Hence the unknown is the God. The Unknown is the manifestation of God, or a part of God. It could be a creation, a building block or destructive remnant. It could be anything and this unknown which also inexplicable, I call this as God. People refer to it as God.


These may be the vague categories that alphabets and vocabulary, language and usage provide me with putting down the complexities of what is God. But beyond this what is mentioned is less that what is really existing. What is existing is yet to be comprehended.


In God

On Rebirth