Solution to TinyOS installation issue – the easiest way

I could not look beyond the java make problem or the error numbers for make in previous post. It was too unfortunate that the installation , with a headache for steps had to end like that.  Without a proper installation procedure, how is one going to work and learn. I’d like no software engineering, no shut down reboot stuff, no re-install, not even shaking my computer and beating it up for this.

The aim of a  framework is to make itself easily available to install and use. TinyOS on Cygwin with Win 7 and the high level detailed step and instructions given by universities of repute and unmatched stand – > stanford, berkeley, KTH all kneeled before this “humbleness” of  tinyOS installation?! I can’t believe that an installation had its own plans to fail. I cannot help but think that I had made some silly mistakes. I go on blabbering like this and you are going to shut your eyes.


But, I have solved the TinyOS installation problem. I had a Debian on my PC. I decided to try my luck there. Open source should work with open source , right?


I tried the eye-catchy

Two-step install on your host OS with Debian packages

in TinyOS wiki.

And I go to my copied sample  code  of given in the same wiki. It works like a normal C code. I say “make” and it does make.

Now, what do I make of this?

TinyOS 2.x Cygwin Win7 Java Make Error No solution

$ make
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java
make[1]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net
make[2]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/packet’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/packet
ncg -o -java-classname=net.tinyos.packet.Serial java /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h Serial.h
Couldn’t execute gcc
failed to parse nesC file /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h
Makefile:12: recipe for target ‘’ failed
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/packet’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/message’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/message
mig -o -java-classname=net.tinyos.message.SerialPacket java /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h serial_packet -I/opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/types
Couldn’t execute gcc
failed to parse message file /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/serial/Serial.h
Makefile:12: recipe for target ‘’ failed
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/message’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sf’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sf
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘SFWindow.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [SFWindow.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sf’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/comm’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/comm
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘TOSCommLibraryLoader.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [TOSCommLibraryLoader.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/comm’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/mviz’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/mviz
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘DMoteModelListener.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [DMoteModelListener.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/mviz’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sim’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sim
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘LinkLayerModel.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [LinkLayerModel.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/sim’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/tools’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/tools
mig java /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/printf/printf.h printf_msg -o
Couldn’t execute gcc
failed to parse message file /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/printf/printf.h
Makefile:16: recipe for target ‘’ failed
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/tools’
make[3]: Entering directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/util’
… /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/util
make[3]: javac: Command not found
../../../Makefile.include:47: recipe for target ‘Messenger.class’ failed
make[3]: *** [Messenger.class] Error 127
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos/util’
../../Makefile.include:57: recipe for target ‘subdirs’ failed
make[2]: *** [subdirs] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net/tinyos’
../Makefile.include:57: recipe for target ‘subdirs’ failed
make[1]: *** [subdirs] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/java/net’
Makefile.include:57: recipe for target ‘subdirs’ failed
make: *** [subdirs] Error 2

Introduction to TinyOS on cygwin with Windows 7 ends in error. Given here are the errors but no solutions

In cygwin add the options as follows to install
rpm -Uvh –force –nodeps –ignoreos

Links that may help :


The Simple Program given as example in Tiny OS wiki.

Error on make

$ make micaz
mkdir -p build/micaz
compiling SimpleAppC to a micaz binary
ncc -o build/micaz/main.exe -Os -Wall -Wshadow

-Wnesc-all -target=micaz -fnesc-

cfile=build/micaz/app.c -board=micasb -

DDEFINED_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x22 -finline-

limit=100000 -DIDENT_APPNAME=\”SimpleAppC\” -


\”ajaya-PC\” -DIDENT_USERHASH=0x8a243f35L -


DIDENT_UIDHASH=0x7144cba9L -fnesc-dump=wiring

-fnesc-dump=’interfaces(!abstract())’ -fnesc-

dump=’referenced(interfacedefs, components)’ -

fnesc-dumpfile=build/micaz/wiring-check.xml -lm
/usr/bin/avr-gcc: /usr/bin/avr-gcc: cannot

execute binary file

recipe for target ‘exe0′ failed
make: *** [exe0] Error 126


$make micaz

same error

ajaya@ajaya-PC /opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/Blink
$ make telosb
mkdir -p build/telosb
compiling BlinkAppC to a telosb binary
ncc -o build/telosb/main.exe -Os -O -mdisable-hwmul -Wall -Wshadow -Wnesc-all -target=telosb -fnesc-cfile=build/telosb/app.c -board= -DDEFINED_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x22 -DIDENT_APPNAME=\”BlinkAppC\” -DIDENT_USERNAME=\”ajaya\” -DIDENT_HOSTNAME=\”ajaya-PC\” -DIDENT_USERHASH=0x8a243f35L -DIDENT_TIMESTAMP=0x539ade1bL -DIDENT_UIDHASH=0xecd2214dL -lm
Couldn’t execute msp430-gcc
/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/make/msp/msp.rules:104: recipe for target ‘exe0′ failed
make: *** [exe0] Error 2

$ printenv
PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9, GenuineIntel
ORIGINAL_PATH=/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Windows Live:/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32:/cygdrive/c/Windows:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Intel/OpenCL SDK/2.0/bin/x86:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Windows Live/Shared:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/runtime/win32:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Flash Magic:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin/tools
COMMONPROGRAMFILES=C:\Program Files\Common Files
PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Windows Live:/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32:/cygdrive/c/Windows:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Intel/OpenCL SDK/2.0/bin/x86:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Windows Live/Shared:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/runtime/win32:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/MATLAB/R2012b/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Flash Magic:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin:/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/ATT/Graphviz/bin/tools
PS1=\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[32m\]\u@\h \[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\]\n\$
PRINTER=HP Universal Printing PCL 6
CLASSPATH=cygpath -w $TOSROOT/support/sdk/java/tinyos.jar;.

Update: There is some clash between the versions of the TinyOS that cause the problem. It is better to use older versions to get stable results and installation.

Plan to fail; fail to succeed

Testing in various forms are but crude forms to weed out the wrong and promulgate the right way to things. It has been oft repeated and been in advertisements, that you fail faster to succeed sooner. Failing in this way is an art. The trial and error procedure of any test will lead to a systematic manner in which the failure can be arranged for. This systematic arrangement to fail act as a procedure how not to fail. Thus planning your failure is important.


How do you plan to fail? There are some very small steps to be taken.

If you are following a trial and error method of testing, you should be looking at the following:


- List down the number of possiblities

- Track the dependency paths

- Keep all options open

- Draw a tree or chart that gives the complete view of the possibilities and ways.

- Start testing and ticking off the methods that fail.

- Eliminate and get the possible ways forward

- Make a document, if possible with the charts and tracking points for further reference.


Each instance of failure if properly laid down can act as good guiding points for future planning and management. This can also act as a checkpoint where most of the possibilities in one particular branch of dependencies is tracked.

In a bottom up approach of testing by trial and error, in its simplest instance of printing out at every function entry , in software development, the steps mentioned above would be helpful.

But as responsible developers and managers know, they need the architecture or the overall view of the project  at hand for testing. This is top down approach. This makes use of the overall chart or tree that is suggested above. There are some nice presentation software such as Prezi ( which provide such visually illustrative vivid descriptions.


As the maxim goes. Make failure work for you. Let it push you to success. Failure is truly the stepping stone to success.


Also, as we have seen already, only the plan can fail

Definition of God, exploring some plausible answers

I was asked by a fellow about my perception of god, about god, on god.

My first preference on this note would be this previous post.


I was conservative on answering his query on my perception on god. But in sum total the term “God” could be summarised into the following:-


1) The Uncertain

2) Luck

3) The Inexplicable

4) The Unknown


Let me elaborate on this further.

1) The Uncertain

There are many happenings, situations, which are not working as per our plan.  This has close ties with non-existentialism. Whereby the human is not able to predict certain events due to the uncertainty and the complexity involved. Basically , when things are not in our hand, we prefer to refer it to the God.


2) Luck

Suppose there are many applicants which equal qualifications, only few posts are available to be filled. Only those who are lucky get selected. This assumes that all are equal in all other aspects. Mostly, by way of common-sense and certificates people get selected. Communication may play a role. There is lot of uncertainty involved and people who get what they wish only depend on luck. This is especially true for an Indian scenario. We have a lot of people around, some may be helpful, some may not be. This “May” is the uncertainty. And what happens in a positive manner is the luck. And what is negative result affiliated to ? That would come under the Inexplicable.

3) The Inexplicable

As humans, we are prone to diseases, despair, anger and very many negative emotions. Sometimes, theses negativeness help us appreciate the beauty of the positives around. For instance, if you listen to a rapper and then switch to classical music by Yesudas, you feel the difference, you will appreciate the divinity of his music more.

Sometimes, we get into deep emotional, mental or physical trouble. We ourselves cannot judge what went wrong, and solutions may be far away and veiled. What could one do in such a situation. It is definitely not by choice that we wish bad things to happen to us. We all wish a have a positive and normal, calm and peaceful life. But there is this inexplicable that simply adds spice to life. This is the Inexplicable, which is also unpredictable. We cannot make  out why this happened, at a particular time. And as with most accidents we are relieved once the bad phase passes over. We would be happy that a car had hit the leg instead of rolling over the torso. Life is such that this has to be accepted.

When something inexplicable happens, most people refer themselves to the divine prowess, some magnificent intervention. God then gives us courage and confidence to move on.

4) The Unknown

“Science” means to know. It is the knowledge of humans with reference to what is there. What is there is the unknown, and slowly science is uncovering the facts and rules of the nature. Here, nature is the unknown. From the minutest bacterium to planets and cosmos, From everything inside to everything outside, all are open to human discovery and understanding. Only if we had the eyes. Thus as science progress we feel that there are more explanations and theories available to prove one or the other. But the unknown persists. We say, everything is made of atoms, atoms being the indestructible building blocks. But why atom? who created atom? What is the purpose of all this?. With a continuous single question of why to all the answers to any question we end up talking about the unknown. Hence the unknown is the God. The Unknown is the manifestation of God, or a part of God. It could be a creation, a building block or destructive remnant. It could be anything and this unknown which also inexplicable, I call this as God. People refer to it as God.


These may be the vague categories that alphabets and vocabulary, language and usage provide me with putting down the complexities of what is God. But beyond this what is mentioned is less that what is really existing. What is existing is yet to be comprehended.


In God

On Rebirth

Of expectations and hope

A famous quote undergoes the litmus-test,
“A rolling stone gathers no moss”
And a proverb is without any flaws
Of all goodness , sincerely without any at all.

While I scoured through the jumble
Of alphabet , words and books of all sorts
I found , I re- discovered the world that was
The world that is ; and what will be ?!

So kind were those instances of truth
Precipitated upon the fortified brain of mine
They made me think , ponder over the questions
From the east , west and throughout the world .

I found some names interesting , inspiring
I tried to follow ardently , honestly and anxiously
All at once things turned over  lustrous and hue
There was colours , rainbow and pioneers ahead .

I climbed with them with frivolous ramblings
The wind blew the way it should
The way it was and the way it will be
I kept pace with the mind-blowing thoughts through the windings on the way .

I found geniuses of all kinds
Some who worked , some who thought , wrote and spread their thoughts
Their vision , mission and gratitude to the world
Arose from the very solitude that they went through at times .

Then came the blast of bitter reality
On the summit of the hill that I was trekking
I found a weird hazy light
That said re-think , re- discover , re- invent your self .

That was something that the mind couldn’t stand
It writhed with pain , scorn and discontent
“while many lines were etched well in past for the present
What did they bring to world ?”asked the inner me

Some smoker found a theory which he didn’t prove experimentally
The lazy guy went crazy and let his mind free
Rolled out his tongue , his brain and electrified hair
One stone could have let his spark down.

Another chap who claimed to be a follower
A wizard of the same kind if not more
Tired, expended and pugnacious said
“god does not play dice ” which tardily fade.

There was this guy who illuminated a million brains
The calculus differentiates him from the rest,
He was a sure shot fool who pet a cat and got his work on fire,
Funny guy was a catastrophe for he couldn’t find his way again.

So I left logic for the spirit,
The way to better life was awaiting perhaps,
I went voracious on the jungle of letters again,
Only to find that people were same always.

A guy who quietly boasted of his works,
Showed the west , the whites what the east was;
More than elephants and thousand diseases,
The east had known the spirit of universe.

“Come here you’ll learn you’ll know what you want to know”
While this guy of miracles and saffron dress addressed,
The west stood dumbfounded bamboozled and mesmerised
I see the beggar in him who couldn’t get himself heard.

Then there was this fragile creature,
A walking wonder on earth,
He was what he was a man of all times,
Goodness , humanity and love in a single package,
He was a miracle to have, for to love is too divine.


All theses lives thrived to show,

To win the world was way too gross,

Of terror and error the gain is so small,

The great and small suffer them all.


With eminence that have treaded this world,

Ugly, terrifying, mordacious and cold,

Whatever it is be pacified to by the bold,

calm, pacifying and audacious hold.



Of expectations we hope to live,

With hope , of the unknown, the life goes on,

Without the hope there is no life,

And without expectation there is no thrill to live on.



Why blog !, retrospective on the blog’s 6 th anniversary

It is with some surprise that I see the trophy of the 6th anniversary of this blog. The wordpress platform has that charm to engage the blogger. The captivating statistical tools push me, as any author of a blog, to further writing.I had posted on my 1st anniversary here

Here, I would like to rethink the origin and ideas to why blog.

I was interested in this new thing called one button publishing, thanks to, it was very easy to get going. But as I scoured the net, I found more people in support of wordpress. I was interested, and had a big time, copy pasting all original contents to here. Now, this blog contains all of those writing, making searching and tracking easier for me. That was the beginning with wordpress blogging.The post  gives more on why I switched from

Further, the question of the content comes. This is any point or pointless thing that could be written down. Morality, ethics and unprecedented audience could mould the way and what is being written. This was a check on the words put out and the emotional content of the scribblings.

Recently, I find myself lost in what to write. Especially, with the growing concern on the carbon emissions. The usage of internet, email and blog add to carbon emissions. The amount of energy required to save the data, keep the server running and all that is a pull-back on the position to write. With the same thought I had written on why I quit watching the Formula 1 here . But what can an unknown blog by an unknown man do. After that post Formula 1 Grand Prix added the Buddha International Circuit at NOIDA, India as additional racecourse. This blog cannot claim any influence on people and their activities. I may not be doing a good promotional job for this blog. Even among my friend’s circle the number that reads this is negligible. My renewed interest in reducing carbon emissions has prevented me from any promoting other than by way of mouth.

But I see many literature on dump ideas. Some brand themselves as management experts and write anything that comes to them. There are news channels that carry “stories” than news of any value. With all this junk around, what and how can a reader do. It is difficult to keep track of what and where is the good. But that is exactly what a search engine promises to do. The job gets done. But not without effort.

Among my posts till date, there was a new gem. One post  got maximum hits in minimum duration. Of course, I am not surprised because the title sounds like that of a “management-related” website. But , yes that was a really nice idea put as content and worth a read.


What is in for the coming year. Only the next anniversary will tell.

Ingredients of smart / green home

This is a continuation for the previous  post Here, I would like to reflect upon the ingredients that build the smart building. The words to lookout for are smart, green, low carbon, energy efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly living spaces.

The Architecture of the box:

A house is ultimately a box in which we confine our activities to safeguard ourselves from bad weather and ‘predators’. The architecture of the box should never be congested and aweful.  We intend to live in spaces that are conducive for a healthy happy time. Most bachelors look at the box (read home) as a pplace to rest their head, take bath and move on. Now, for a bachelor to live happy what is required is defined. What about a family? How about a couple of elderly living their last wishes. What about retirees ? A single space need to capture the imagination of many and incorporate and account for each person’s whimsical fantasies on a conducive habitat. This is a up-hill task involving sociological, psychological and habitual aspects of  everyone. Sustainable living spaces have a long lasting life and they should cater to the need of various age groups and prospective dwellers. Architects do  a wonderful way to keep the habitat acceptable and durable, while not compromising on the structural aspects of it. Various aspects such as the interior and exterior design, colour combinations, blinds, contours and aesthetics are taken care of.

Technologies at work:

Civil Engineers and traditional/oriental house designers have their own time tested, scientifically proven techniques to make up the box. This box has to withstand the temperatures, humidity, air content – such as salinity near coastal areas and what not. There is a plethora of factors to be considered, but thankfully only a few need the utmost attention. No one would want to live in a 100 % dust free clean box. The idea is to minimise the harmful affects, increase the comfort, within the budget and please the dweller for the time  they live. Some structures get refurbished and revamped every 10 years. Hence, variations and modifications can be easily adjusted to the existing box. The various considerations include : – usage of bricks, specifications of marble, granite and tiles, the structural stability as per seismic zone classifications, the knowledge of water tables and variations in climate and wind patterns that may affect the structure.

Financial fundamental:

Everything boils down to one single stuff, money. The rich and poor alike would like to spend only a limited amount for their home, either for rent or for purchase. Now this money is a constraint on how much is to be spent on making the building smarter, greener, intelligent, maverick and what not?.


There is never a perfect design, but their are acceptable and unacceptable designs. the box under consideration would be sustainable if it has the same noble acceptance rate throughout its life time.  The sustainability of any structure depends on those who live. Hence utter veneration are bestowed upon a box that had lived upto expectations and sustained generations. The building then acquires a soul, that is not pluck-able from mind of the generations that have lived through it.

Smart technologies:

Technologies that help sort out the energy issues are always welcome. If something helps reduce cost of the Electricity Board bill what is more satiating? We forget to switch off some appliances and mull over it and spoil our free thinking, sometimes we catch a bus back to switch off the water-heater. Some computers switch off themselves, Air conditioners try to increase their temperature gradually to match the temperature in the morning. There are so many silent technologies. But can each and every light be controlled. Can the Air conditioner be put at the optimum temperature, so that the best thermal comfort is available. Is it possible by technology to satisfy each and every one of these wants?  There are urinals which work automatically, sensor fitted taps and occupancy based lighting. Adding more brilliance and automation into appliances do cost. This should be in acceptable range for the facility it provides. A true trade-off would be how much you can get concerned about the energy usage and cost of automation. If you can be careful and switch off unwanted items then what can be a better control. This is because you know how comfortable you are better than some technologies do. That is a truth.


Renewable Energy:

If the box is located in a nice very hot sultry area then you have all the possibilities to have a solar panel and start generating the energy needed for the home. This is like direct to home connection. You tap directly from the sun for your usage. If you are on vacation and the solar panel faithfully works out to give electricity , you may feed it to the electrical grid and generate money. This is useful. The same works for windy places. Feed the excess produce to the grid , count how much you have given and get money for it. Such mini power plants could harvest for self sustaining homes in addition to generating some money. There are devices that make the electrical grids smarter to make this smart technology work. USA is in the process of implementation of the same through NSF funded projects, research, development and deployment

Comfort Level:

Technology does not turn any stone un-turned.  Technology tries to automate many stuffs that you are forgetful about. It tries to generate electricity give you money and also judge how good you are feeling. Algorithms, programs and embedded systems in ubiquitous computing make this possible. this increases your comfort level  physically and mentally.

Customer/Owner’s Satisfaction:

That all these smart homes and technologies will really satisfy anyone for a long time is yet to be tested. Deployment of smart grids, smart buildings and smart technology are happening world over at a good space. Customer may get to give his feedback very soon and it will not be disappointing.

Smart Homes , Oh ! Really ?

A buzz word in its on right smart homes find a standing on its own.
Moreover, a learned man would use the terms, systems engineering, Cyber-physical systems, Mathematical modelling, Stochastic determination and multivariate analysis and probability theories to go hand in hand on the design of smart home. All of these would throw a normal/ casual searcher to stop his pursuit.

What is a smart home?, Let’s Capture the basics

How stuff works

Get some technical stuff from :-

Dr. Amarjeet Singh ( in IIIT Delhi have some nice really nice statistical tools that help reduce the carbon footprint.

His startup Zenatix provides more information

IIT Hyderabad has done many smart works in the field. The idea is again to move to zero energy smart environments.

CDAC Chennai has some bearing towards smart homes R&D

When Honda opened its smart home in UCDavis.(Video)

I was happy about someone talking about the colours to be used. That has impact in saving lighting related energy expenditure.

Nevertheless, I have this odd feeling that when there is more analysis and scientific data crunching to get to the essence, there is a lurking doubt on whether all this is necessary.

Talks relate to use of Information and Communication Technology for the betterment of day to day lives. The cost of houses rise like anything and these technologies become affordable in the related sense. But, in the beginning, there was a house that was decently priced, is it even necessary to modify it.

Here, is a traditional home (in Kerala). Image taken from

A traditional house in Kerala, the image is taken from

The pillars of the house is brick and reinforced cement. The roofing is brick-tile. There is lot of shade around the house. The central plot would be free of any construction. Mostly,Ocimum tenuiflorum (Tulasi) stands in the central plot. Air flows from main and back doors and windows into the building, and towards the central plot. From there the comparatively hot air (after absorbing the heat dissipated from the buidling ) could rise up and leave the premise. Rain falls in the middle and around the building. Very often we can see a couple of glass tiles on the roof corresponding to each room. This gives natural light. That is good enough for normal life, except living. There is no much colour sense and aesthetic painting done on the walls, interior or exterior. Does this act as a smart home? Partly yes, with natural lighting and cooling (26-34 degree Centigrade during summer). What is missing is the lighting during night. If supplemented by lights then it does not give as great a illuminance as a concrete roof with white painting on underside. The traditional brick-tile has brown colour and is not great reflector of the light. But lights can be so arranged as to suit the reading requirement of the reader. Other cons , would be non-optimum structure as far as cost -generated per occupant is considered .



Find more about Weather in Thiruvananthapuram Airport, IN
Click for weather forecast

Let’s us see another example of planned building construction. This one is from Yemen

Find more about Weather in Aden, YE
Click for weather forecast Wikipedia provides image for High-rise architecture at Shibam, Wadi Hadramawt and many details. At Shibam, the high rise buildings gave protection to residents, low cost of maintenance and no need for high tech eco-friendly cost-effective “energy-efficient” HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control and related hassles of sensors, actuators and automation algorithm, software and what-not.

Things really can be simple and they really work. The role of technologist is to make life better, not more complicated. Just like a fast use doesn’t need graphical eye-candies to get his routine work done. Just like some people stick onto to notepad and keep the memory required low (which is really low carbon) remove unwanted fonts, formatting and fanciful items. Life could be made simple. Only if we had thought of it.

People call the frugal Indian’s miss-call communication as an innovation, as Jugaad. We have been doing this for ages, without anybody telling it. We could use a pen to open a difficult-to-open pack of snacks, no scissors, no blades are really a requirement. I would say people are made to believe to do certain things in certain way, say bad education, and make them feel developed, well-researched, “knowledgeable” mind. These refinements have become a hurdle to free thinking. It had also hampered the clear judgement of a common-belief. Is this a practice to corrupt the mind of masses? Does technology wish to do it, inadvertently? What do technologists and evangelists, educators and professionals do to correct the mechanism?

If we had an answer, we could proudly say , we are smart people in a smart world, with smart technologies and smart homes.

Stochastic determination and judgmental analysis

"First of all, let me wish you all a happy autism day!." Ravan said and then moved on to his rhetoric. I was shocked and surprised. How could one wish someone a happy autism, if it continues like this, it would be happy cancer day, happy AIDS day and so on. I could not stand the gravity of the greeting. I decided to poke him for his casual unassuming greeting of the day.

I asked him my doubts. He was both diabolic and conniving in his answer, as if he was hiding some brutal instinct, with clandestine satisfaction that made his eyes laugh.

He started answering, but in many ways incomprehensible and incoherent. Nevertheless, let me put it out.

He asked me " what is 2+2?". I said " 4."

And he said "that it is what you believe, or better, what you are made to believe. Since, you believe it and propagate it so it stays on as an empirically proven idea. But never it really had any connotation or resemblance to the law of nature that is taken for truth, nor science could substantiate the statement without assumptions. "

"Similarly, you are a person who wants to eat food according to your whims and fancies, you want vada to go with chutney and won’t touch chappathi without without knowing which curry goes with it. You prefer noodles with sauce, not because you like it, but you believe it is to be ate so"

" You judge me, say that I am trying to be different for the sake of it. I am trying to show of, inadvertently or not, you would judge me, my dress, ask me to cut my beard and dress in tighter dresses. You would say I am old-fashioned and not trendy. You would scorn at my frugality and call me a miser. You would grudgingly bicker over a thousand trivial stuff. All knowing that it is not based on the fact or the liking, but justly based on your belief of the world-law. "World -Law" that is such a painstakingly inexplicable. I am too incredulous for that cantankerous rules of the world."

"You would start to persuade me to ameliorate my stance. Only to pronounce yourself an evangelist of the world-law. I would not fall for that sham."

"You are a married woman, let me ask you one thing. You were the dresses for the sake of wearing or for fashion? I believe by this age and maturity you need not search for a mate, why then do you make a fuss about make-up and jewellery. You know all the more well how to dress decently and not get a amorous glance. Lest you really wanted, why would you dress in such a manner , so as to be seductive, when you "really" are satisfied with a happy married life and lovely kids."

This last statements struck me so hard, my head was hanging like a common computing system, I could not make any intelligible sounds, all I perceive I showed was a disappointed silence.

I had this fleeting instance in which I totally agreed to his contentions. I noticed that he had not answered my question on the cruel greeting. I began to question. He caught this even before I could open my mouth.

He began once again. " The question you started was on why I would wish anyone a happy autism. It was not with any cruel intentions that I said so. What I wanted was to convey was that everyday should be happy. Everyone should be happy in their own respect. Your own stochastic determination and judgemental analysis paved way for you to understand the statement better. Now you are convinced about how it could help you in future. The paltry gossiping and random sagacity are two deadly combination for a dissatisfied life. I hope at least for the time being you can accept all things as it is. You can accept that there are autistic people. You know they want a pleasant life. You accept that Happy autism day means nothing more than this. You also come to conclude that there should not be such a thing as good person or bad person, as you get along you know how much freedom you have with one person to comment about him, without any trace of judge-mentality, in a completely non arrogant manner."

I had nothing more to speak. I was dumbfounded in the beginning. Later, I came to terms with the flow of thoughts of this man. He was somewhat arrogant and patronising in the beginning. And later he became a convoluted thoughtbox spitting out in palaver. And in the end it was as if, all these notions were worthless avocation, that I was precariously holding onto. I could rip myself away from this and accept the thoughts and the talker, with no presumptions. I felt free. I could feel the air filling the lungs and a smooth exhalation. I could hear a bee ,which was hanging around in the room, humming its own pastime song.

I opened the door to get out. I turned back and faced Raavan. I told him " Wish you a happy autism day".

PS: The story as told by Lakshmi