No limit to Excel

11 Apr

Once root had told this. The only thing sensible ever told by this root.

There is something to it.

Many believe that being in the middle is the right thing

When you CAN, you probably never do it.
When you WILL, people praise you , overwhelm you with applause. You simply feel great. An act of jealousy for many others. Yet they comply, since they never bother to WILL. And hence they be at their very position, boasting that they can, and will some day.

Being middle class or being in an average level is the safest game to play. A friend of mine ,whose family was in better financial position than mine, told me that he got hurt when I say that he is rich. He wants himself to be placed in the middle position, away from all the glare.

At lab , another friend of mine would suggest that we should not be the last persons to finish our work, its ok if we finish with the majority. Not earlier but never last.

They comply by their self imposed rule.
And they fail, miserably, to bring out the true potential in them.
When majority of the class lie with an average mark a Bell shaped curve results, that is the Gaussian distribution or standard probability distribution. Those at the extremities are either of lower standard or higher standard, both a meager number. What the society needs is for all to excel.

I remember a friend of mine who studies at IIT now. He , at 12th would leave 2-3 questions and grab a 80% and keep quiet. His teacher had scolded him for not attempting all the questions. But he never minded them.

A tendency towards mediocrity and silent compliance fails the whole purpose of formal education and living in general. But one may close his eye against this chronic attitude seeing the lesser beings fighting themselves to see ” who is the most backward”.

Where is OPTIMISM?
Where is the spirit ?
To try, To conquer , To reach the summit
Reach for the sky, There is no limit to excel.

Unleash the indomitable spirit


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