I quit watching Formula 1 did you?

13 Jul

I quit watching Formula 1 did you?

It had been some 4 years since I quit watching Formula 1 on TV. The reason being very simple. When I was watching it back when I was really crazy about high speed action I couldn’t stop wondering at the amount of fuel the car burned out in about one hour or so of the race. And the objective of the race? Nothing more than finding the currently superior technology and the crew that can manage it quite well. There are hartal and bandh on the issue of fuel price hike. The cost of daily commodities increase. But why don’t people stop using their motor vehicles?? Some are so crazy about theirs that they simply refuse to walk even a short distance. Whatever the mileage, howsoever efficient the car be, a drop of oil saved is an achievement.

All high octane and fuel hungry sports rallies, races, motogp, Formula- n races etc should be stopped. Best thing to do? Stop watching them. Consider them to be a wastage rather than entertainment. A little too hard a stance!? How about taking it with a pinch of salt.

Let’s consider some factors that increase the consumption of fuels. People use motor vehicles basically for mobility. The need for constant mobility is the consequence of the work one chooses. When all the offices are at one place then a single route of public transport may help. But right people and right businesses are always scattered. The need for mobility rises. Man has always kept on moving, from nomadic days to civilisation in search of one thing or the other. The movement is inevitable. It was always lack of resources at home that caused the motion. While the primary natural resources and necessities were permanently hunted, the new resource that people seek are jobs. So when the interesting job is away from home, there is nothing other than travelling that can satiate the passion.

How does one think of solving this unavoidable travelling and fuel consumption. Why should one drop-off those high speed thrills.

Advantages of moving less:

1) Reduced travelling hours increases the productivity of people.
2) Saving of natural resources.
3) Reduced carbon footprint. Good for our earth and the future who think so.
4) Walking ,Cycling etc are a good alternative for hard workouts and exercise. Walking is a basic human activity and should not be forgotten.!
5) More time for personal extravaganza, creative thinking, research!



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